Flashes of Sanity #77: Dirty Business

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Dirty Business


It was everywhere now. Every screen. Every newspaper. Every mouth. Everything, all the same.

That dumb grey suit, and all the theories about what was, what could be and what could have been.

None of it bothered Susanne Queen really though. It was just annoying to only focus on one thing when the whole world was so much more.

She held up the receipt. Simply Perfect Adoption Bureau. Susanne smiled, they really think about everything.

’Thanks for choosing ’Simply Perfect’ for you precious adoption. It delights us that another child in need will find a safe home. ’

An airplane docked outside the window. Soon the passengers would be flooding the airport. One of them would carry the name Dina. A homeless girl of seven years who was saved from the streets.

That was maybe the part of the truth, but most likely it was not even close.

”Who are you waiting for?” A tall man beside Susanne said.

”My child,” Susanne answered. She felt warm when saying it. ”It is the first time I get to see my adopted daughter.”

The man glanced at her in surprise. ”Then you have some great moments ahead of you.”

”Yes, ” Susanne truly thought so.

A teenage girl ran out from the gate and threw herself around the man’s neck.

”Dad!” She screamed.

”Cherish the moments,” he said to Susanne as they walked away.

After all flood waves had subsided, one little girl walked out from the gate. She was exactly like Susanne remembered her from the photos and the time she saw her in a glass tube lined up among thousand other glass tubes.

”Mother?” The girl said as her eyes locked on Susanne.

”Yes I am here,” Susanne leaned in to welcome the girl in careful hug. ”I hope you will like it with me.”

”I hope so too,” the girl said.

Susanne hugged the girl closer. She looked at the screens. As they walked away she excused herself and made one phone call.

”Buy SurgeRay,” she said and hung up.

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