Flashes of Sanity #91: A Queen among Kings

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A Queen among Kings


The door bell shimmered as the woman entered. She held a little girl’s shaking hand in her own. The little girl looked around, seeing everyone yet taking eye vontact with mo one.
So many, the girl thought. Her hand tightened around the woman’s.
”Don’t worry, darling,” the woman said. ”Everything will be okay. They are as harmless as sheep.”
”Susanne Queen!” One of the suits broke off from the masses. ”To what do we owe the pleasure?”
Dom Arnold’s body swallowed the thin woman.
”Oh Dom,” Susanne said. ”I think you know what I am doing here.”
”Off course, I do.” Dom laughed as he released her from the hug. ”You are here to scan the competition for the SurgeRay acquisition. Like everyone else in this shack.”
”Including you?” Susanne corrected her dress as she scanned the large body.
Dom burst out into a second growling laugh. ”I may be an idiot but I am not so stupid that I would risk a fight with you, Susanne.”
”Great choice.” Susanne smiled. ”Hopefully you are not alone in making that decision.”
Dom gave Susanne an amused look. ”You would be surprised by the number of brain cells in this Little room,” he said. “Let me get you a drink, and something for your little wonder there.”
Susanne found a table at the furthest back of the bar and began scanning the crowd. Not long after a waiter came by with two glasses, gin for Mrs. Queen, and juice and some crayons for little Ms. Queen.
”Look now Dina,” Susanne said as she sipped her drink. ”Everyone here is the competition.”
Dina looked up from her two stick figures. One long and one short. Both with long hair.
”But we can’t tell them. That’s the rules. But as soon as we exit this bar, we will stab them mercilessly.”
Dina nodded. Then she went back to her crayons. The two stick figures got a knife each.
”Good girl,” Susanne said. ”Now let’s see… Where to start?”
“You see that bald guy?” Susanne pointed at a suite sipping his Wine by the bar. “Charles Borlogh. Owner of Brainflood the biggest IP bank this world has ever seen. Sadly his father will soon get to know about his son’s interests for misters instead of mistresses.”
Dina nodded and a stick figurer ended up by the two knife bearers feet.
Susanne smiled. How perfect you are, she thought and pointed at the next suite.
“Dino McHallow is easy. His wife is about to lose control over gambling addiction, again. That usually keeps him occupied.”
A new victims lined up by the stick figure’s feet. And blood splattered over their faces.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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