What is Demons in Cotton?

Yeah, what is Demons in Cotton?

In short it is my debut horror/dark fantasy novel.

Want it less short?

Here is a short summary (or blurb as it usually is called) of what you will find in Demons in Cotton!

From the moment Gabriel’s and Kelly’s eyes meet, he knows she is his everything.

Kelly on the other hand is completely unaware of him.

How can he expect anything else?

She is just a little girl who loves her teddy bear Chester, and Gabriel is the warrior hiding under Chester’s skin.

Under Chester’s cloth skin, whispers demand loyalty with flames, and on the other side of Chester’s glass eyes, Gabriel finds a world of endless happiness.

But even heaven has its shadows and as the night falls, Nightmares search the darkness for hurt children to feed on.

And soon the monsters playing in the daylight show the true cruelty of Kelly’s beautiful world.

What first looks like paradise quickly derails and Gabriel has to fight for his and Kelly’s survival.

Can Gabriel save her?

Or will he succumb under the Nightmares’ hungry fangs?

For fans of mysterious grim worlds and heart wrenching horror comes Ben Mire’s debut Demons in Cotton.

Read about the lost warrior Gabriel as he follows Kelly into a world filled with childish wonder, and all the spiraling darkness hiding under the surface.

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