Flashes of Sanity #97: Bait

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Bait


”Could you do me a favor?” She had asked. Then a kiss on the cheek.
That was Mitch’s first kiss since… Ever.
He was ready to accept anything Donna said after that.
Luckily, it was just to take a box to an alley, and deliver the notes inside. At night.
”Hey!” A voice shouted from the darkness. Then Mitch saw the gun. ”Do you have a delivery for Figo?”
”For Figo?” Mitch stumbled on the words and searched through the box. ”Y-yes, here.”
The man fell down to the asphalt screaming. The blood flew from his hand onto Mitch’s only almost-clean white T-shirt.
“If you even think about taking that letter, I will shoot your head off.” A Long, muscular Woman showed herself in the darkness.
“Damn, you Vanessa!”
“Shut it, Claes, or I will shoot you anyway!”
“So you are the one messing with our business,” she continued and scanned Mitch. “Kind of disappointing. You have a letter to Gondacho, give it to me! And give me the letter to Figo too.”
“Damn you!”
“Claes, you idiot!” The woman screamed back.
Where is the letter, Mitch thought. He heard two gun shoots. He felt new warm liquid hit his body. And the one called Claes fell silent.
“Here it is.”
Mitch’s forehead turned cold. His legs turned warm.
“Don’t take it personally,” Vanessa said. “It is just business.”
She pressed the gun harder against his head. A loud bang echoed in the alley.
And Vanessa fell to the ground.
“What is this?” Mitch dropped the box and ran as fast as he could. New bangs echoed behind him. One bullet hit his legs. And he flew to the ground.
A car halted with screech.
“Look at that Miko. Seems like our dear note writer holds promises after all.”
“What do you mean?”
“That you should listen more and think less.”
Mitch felt a hand reaching down his pockets.
“Please, I don’t want to die.”
“Die?” the man asked. “The Reviewer doesn’t kill. I was picking up my letter.”
Letter? When did that end ll there.
“I see… Miko cover the back seat with something plastic. My gift has had an accident.”
Gift? Mitch thought. A hand grabbed him by the neck.
“Yes. Gift. The little lady sent me an apprentice.”
“Please.” Mitch stumbled on his feet as the.
“Stop whining, it is not a good color on anyone. And lift your feet as you walk. Such laziness can get you shoot in this world.”
A hard push threw Mitch into the back seat.
“I am not an apprentice.” Mitch said. “I am just Mitch Sooly.”
“Your lady friend seems to think different.” Gun shots echoed through the alley. “And I believe her. Now Miko, how about activating those sprinklers of yours.”
Miko’s face split in a smile.
“With pleasure.”
The door slammed shut. Gas poured in through the roof.
“Please,” Mitch whispered. “Help.”
His view blurred, and everything became darkness.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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