Flashes of Sanity #99: Signing papers

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: Signing papers


All they saw was a round table with some papers on. Susanne saw more. Much more. This was her road to winning. The round table and the suits on the other side were just obstacles.
”The last bidder pulled out yesterday.”
”Yes, sir,” Susanne said.
The press had been filled with scandals the latest days. Such scandals that forced one to focus on other things than the acquisition of SurgeRay.
Luckily, Susanne had no such problems. She had made sure framing her was impossible.
Beside Susanne, little Dina looked up from her crayons.
”Mom,” she said. ”I’m thirsty.”
”Of course, Darling. Sir, do you mind if I go get some water?”
”No problem at all, Mrs. Queen.” The lawyer said.
”Could I borrow more paper?” Dina asked as Susanne filled the glass.
”Of course, you can.” One of the men gurgled.
When Susanne came back Dina had pushed the pictures of their family to the side for a new drawing.
”What are you drawing, dear?”
”A dog.”
”Do you want a dog?”
The little girl turned to her mother with wide eyes. “Yes.”
”We’ll see if we can find something on the way home, okay?”
Little Dina nodded, and returned to her drawing, now with two long haired stick figures beside the dog.
”So, where were we?” Susanne continued with a smile.
“We were just about to go through the clauses.” The man handed Susanne a stack of papers, all filled with too many words. And at the bottom was the line she would sign. Oh, how she longed for putting ink on that line.
“I see, lets start then.”
“You will acquire the shares of the late Gary Oliviallo who acquired them from Mart Adamsson who consequently acquired them from Donald Diamond after his passing.”
Susanne zoned out, just mumbling a ‘mhm’ at the right moments. This was all formalities.
But men loved their formalities, Susanne thought.
The dog on Dina’s paper changed form from poodle to golden retriever.
“The signing person will have to assign a new board to the company which includes at least 50 % of the current board for five years.”
“The board members are specified in Appendix 24.”
Just the old dogs, Susanne recalled. Which was those she wished to remove. But what isn’t life if not another hurdle.
“If the signing is aware of all the clauses for the acquisition of SurgeRay, we are now ready to sign.”
A board member handed her one of the pens on the table. Archival grade ink, in the finest pen one could find. Susanne weighed it in her hand.
So light.
The dog on Dina’s papers had turned into a Border Collie. That also felt right.
Susanne put the pen to the paper. Her signature was clean, yet quick. She turned the stack of papers towards the suits.
Your turn, she thought.
Then everything turned dark. A shout echoed through the windows, and all the warmth in the room disappeared.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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