Flashes of Sanity #113: Behind the Wall

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Behind the Wall


Marge groaned. She stumbled on her broken heels as she made her way behind a brick wall, the only thing large enough to hide behind.
That backfired spectacularly…
The giant red cloud released another one of its shrieks, and Marge’s spine broke into uncontrollable shivers. The President’s Quarters was pulverized under the red mass.
Marge found her phone. The screen was cracked but the phone still worked. Shards got stuck in her skin. Blood from her finger mixed with the blood dripping from her forehead.
Option after option was deemed unsatisfactory.
When she finally put her phone to her ear, it was with a sigh.
“Yes.” The heavy accent and the drooling resentment were enough to tell her she had called the right number.
The wrong number in every other circumstance.
“We need your help,” Marge said. She glanced over the bricks. The monster Xander had become had turned towards the city. And he was so close.
“I think you can figure out how?”
“Yes… But such measures are never taken in an age of peace. And I do not want to fracture a so delicate situation.”
Marge took the phone from her ear. She cursed. Why was nothing easy in this world?
“I Marge Umington declare war upon your sweet ass. I want you to bomb us, okay?”
“With pleasure.” Behind all the drool she heard the faint tones of a held back laugh. “Prepare to take care of the casualties.”
“There are already casualties, just do what you must.” She took a deep breath. “Anything is better than this.”
“I will invite you to a war treaty tomorrow.”
The phone suddenly went silent. Marge threw it to the asphalt. She wouldn’t need it anymore. Not after such an action.
Only running was acceptable for a dame who started a war.
“You look like someone in a dire situation.”
Marge turned towards the voice.
Already, she thought. Couldn’t they have given me a day at least.
But it wasn’t an assassin. Nor a secret agent ready for the day she turned. It was a woman holding a girl in her hand.
“Susanne Queen,” the woman said. “And this is Dina.”
“What are you doing here?”
Susanne looked over Marge’s shoulder towards the monster demolishing so many lives.
“We wanted to see the city, and well that is quite fascinating, don’t you think so Dina?”
Susanne scanned Marge.
“Marge Umington… I know people who can keep you safe. And I can bring you back to power. Does that sound interesting to you?”
Marge hesitated. She thought about the assassins and Xander, and the ruthless woman she heard so much about. She straightened her back.
“That would be very interesting for me,” she said. “Show me to your people.”
Susanne only smiled and pushed something in her ear.
“We have her,” she said.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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