Flashes of Sanity #102: A Perfect Interview

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A perfect interview


Bjoern was the asshole with the whole world. That was a good thing. Who could have known that being thought of as the one who only cared for himself and his own career would be a success?
No one.
But now Bjoern knew. And he got picked for all the heavy interviews.
“Are you ready?”
“Always ready,” Larry answered and aimed tge camera towards the podium. “Just tell me when to chase.”
“Great!” Bjoern put up three fingers towards Larry. “We are live in, three, two…” He went silent as he lowered his thumb.
“This is Bjoern Raeger speaking from the state court where, we soon will know who won the bidding war on SurgeRay.”
“But why is the acqusition of SurgeRay of such an interest to the public?” Kendra asked in his ear.
“SurgeRay is a company that has gone through a lot the latest years,” Bjoern said. “From the death of the founder Donald Diamond, and scandals during Mart Adamson’s tenure to the acqusition by Gary Oliviallo. Gary who famously stopped the alien invasion, which it is suspected that he did with SurgeRay’s own equipment.”
Bjoern took a breather, just to increase the excitement.
“But above all, SurgeRay is one of the main actors in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical device industry. The founders’ vision of pain free labor drove the company to multi billion dollar contracts, and their following successful investments made them into the most financially profitable company in the world.”
A man walked up to the podium. Bjoern quickly backed away from the camera and let Larry zoom in.
“The acquisition of SurgeRay has reached it’s conclusion.” The man said.
Bjoern scanned the podium for who could be the winner. He saw no Barney DeMarco, Susanne Queen was at the first row, though.
Intriguing, he thought, but stopped the thought when a movement caught his attention.
A man in his upper fifties entered through the door. Well dressed. A coffee cup in his hand. His skin was pale, but it was still him.
Shit, Bjoern thought and punched Larry in the side.
Bjoern pointed to the man at the door.
“We got to get closer to him.”
Larry scanned the new visitor. Then his face froze.
“You got to be kidding me!”
“Right? Camera on him at all times.”
“I object to these acquisition!” The man said as the two tackled their way forward.
The lawyer at the podium looked up from his notes. “And what makes you think you have the right to object?”
Larry sat himself on a chair to hold the camera steady. Bjoern caught his breath to prepare for what was coming.
“I never approved of selling SurgeRay.” The man said. “And as its founder, my vote in such manners is essential.”
Bjoern picked up his phone to catch Susanne Queen’s reaction.
It was priceless.
Donald Diamond straightened his suit and locked his eyes on Susanne.
“And I do not approve to anyone selling my company.”

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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