Flashes of Sanity #105: Bitter Conditions

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Bitter Conditions


Success comes in different shapes for everyone. Some believed it came to those lucky. Others knew it was hard work.
Donna knew it comes from corpses. Uncountable corpses.
Step 1 had been to inform every crime lord about leaks of critical information that could end their reign.
Step 2 had been invite the reviewer. Give him his next Robin and gain an ally in the coming war.
Step 3 was to watch every crime lord turn on each other. Beginning a killing spree like no other.
The plan went perfectly
And then the mobsters began walking again, turning the criminal underworld into a blood fest without an end, and without casualties in their own lines.
They had been furious
”You hid well…”
“Clearly, not well enough,” Donna said and forced a smile.
The crime lord laughed. Oesten Gren. Drugs, murder and contacts in the political elite.
“Your little game killed most of my men, and me. Do you understand how glad I was when I seconds later opened my eyes again?”
“I think I can guess…”
“Then you maybe can guess how glad I was when we figured out it was you who began this war.” The smirk on Oesten’s face shone with all the intentions he had in mind. “A little girl.”
“This girl at least gets away with her murders.”
“Nothing has been proved yet.”
Donna shrugged. People knew anyway.
”Have you heard the word on the street?” Oesten opened a briefcase in front of Donna. ”Sinners never die.”
”I may be an atheist, but dying has made me reevaluate some of the information. Sinners might be a harsh word for it, but certain people can’t die.”
Oesten turned the briefcase towards Donna. Needles lined up neatly on silk cushions.
”I think you are one of them, and I want to hear you scream.”
”You can always try,” Donna said but her heart was pounding so hard her mouth went numb.
Oesten threw his head back in a rumbling laughter.
”Cocky for someone who never felt pain.”
”I dated a guy with really bad aim once… I can handle a second one.”
”Shut it!” Oesten’s voice went strong in an instant. ”Let’s start with needle 5. Little pain with a hanging burn.”
The needle pierced through Donna’s thigh. She screamed, and Oesten laughed. Then the burn made her world fade.

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