Flashes of Sanity #106: Similar Desires

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Similar Desires


“As I see it, you and I have a common interest.” Susanne resisted the urge to shiver in the cold wind. ”We both want Donald Diamond gone.”
The man in front of her remained silent in his chair. He scratched his chin.
“But if I am mistaken, I can always find someone else who shares my interests.”
The man opened his eyes. They had once been blue but now they were mold.
“You will have a hard time finding anyone who shares those interests as fiercely as I do. What concerns me, though, is if you are willing to go far enough.”
Susanne raised her right eyebrow. “He humiliated me in front of the whole world. I want him down. I want him in a place were even death feels like a reward.”
A smile played on the man’s face. The holes where teeth should be created blackness between all the white.
“Do you know how it feels to explode?”
“Can’t say I do.”
“It is painful.” The man leaned forward so the light caught all his hideousness. ”What comes next is worse. The fire burning you but you never char, the pitchforks stabbing you but you never bleed, the arms tearing you apart but you remain in one piece, all your failures screaming in your face. Donald knows about this too. And while I was in the darkness, I heard his voice screaming. Susanne, I know we can make him weep. Donald Diamond will wish he remained in hell’s eternal machine. I will make sure of it.”
Susanne scanned the smile on what remained of a face. The laugh jumped up and down in his exposed throat.
This would have scared Dina out of her mind, she thought.
“We have a deal, Mart Adamson,” she said.
“It gladdens me Susanne Queen.” Mart arose on his boney legs. “I will be in touch once my father has gathered my army.”
They shook hands. The slippery tissue on Mart would take hours to wash away.

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