Flashes of Sanity #109: Shedding Graves

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Shedding Graves


The skin hanged sloppily around his waist. What once was Kara fell and hit her head against the back of his feet. Her hair stuck under his sole. Got up the stairs and slipped. He hit the cement floor with the back of his head. The colorful walls dimmed and came back.
“Come here, you coward!” Kara screamed from below the stairs. “I will gut you like a Russian doll.”
His phone rang. The ringtone for Cassandra Crisis.
Fuck, he thought and swallowed his heartbeat. A quick adjustment to his voice before he pushed the phone symbol.
“How can I help you Cassandra?” He glanced over his shoulder and saw Kara’s dried flesh on a hand stretching along the rail.
“You dare imitating me,” Kara snarled.
“Kara we need you here ASAP! They have taken over the President’s quarters! They have taken the whole parliament hostage. Shit, they live stream the torture.”
“I will be there Cass’,” he said, his voice cracked as he got up on his feet and ran. “Give me a moment to collect my stuff!”
A flash of light and a bolt of pain exploding on his head threw him to the floor once more. The light faded into the periphery and he saw the friend with a baseball bat hovering over his face.
“Kara, are you okay?” Cassandra said from the phone. “I heard something.”
The cadaver of Kara picked up the phone. She calmed her breath.
“It is okay Cass’, I just tripped.” Kara stared at him with her black eyes. “I will be with you as soon as I have collected my stuff.”
She hang up.
“Hit him again,” She said.
The baseball bat fell down on his face once more. His skull crunched.
“Bill,” Kara continued. “Help me find a knife. I want to see how many pieces we can cut out of him before he stops crying.”
The baseball bat came down one more. This time on his chest.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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