Flashes of Sanity #110: Faulty Criminals

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Faulty Criminals


”Do you Donny take Bella as you…” The car took a sharp left turn and threw Brutal-Joe into the windshield.
”You have to do all our names!” Bella said.
“Do you want me to do this or not?” Joe scratched his head. “Or maybe you want me to join the idiots chasing us… I have one grenade left, and I rather use it on them than you.”
“I wanted this to be a cute thing,” Bella said with a hanging lip. She took another sharp turn followed by curse words from the back seat.
“Honey.” Donny stretched a caring hand towards her whitened knuckles. “This is a cute thing. You, me, a car, and the rest of our lives together. I could never have wished for… Is he just standing there?”
Bella’s jaws hardened as she saw the man in their way pull out shotgun with knives attached to the sides. The man laughed.
“Shit,” she said. “Shit. Shit. Shit.”
She scanned the road for any way around him. The man was soon joined by another one and another one. All of them laughing. All of them armed.
“We will have to go through them. Shit! Joe marry us. Now!”
“Just say I do, okay,” Joe said. He and Cat-scratch pulled themselves out through the window with a rifle each.
Bella turned to Donny. “Do you love me?”
“I do.”
“I do love you too.”
They kissed with her hands still in the steering wheel.
“I now pronounce you man and wife.” Joe emptied his magazine into the men in front of them. Cat-scratch did too. The men never fell. They only laughed. “Shit, our only hope is the grenade then.
“Thanks Joe, but the grenade won’t be enough this time.” Bella released Donny from the kiss, she pushed a button. The roof catapulted into the air, and her three companions were shot out of the car.
“I love you Donny!” She screamed.
Donny didn’t hear her. He was busy screaming. Bella stopped the car. She walked out with her eyes locked on the army. The tazers on her hands vibrated from the electric charge. She vibrated because she knew what was coming.
It was all clear in the laughter.
“I have only killed one man,” she said. “That was by accident.”
She fired her tazers at the men. They fired all their rifles at her.
She fell.
Bella never rose again.

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