Flashes of Sanity #111: The View from Up High

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: The view from up high


Donny saw his future go down in blood, bullets and tears.
So, so many tears.
Please Bella, rise, he thought. We have seen others do it. So please be one of them too.
The bullets turned a beautiful body in spandex into a red lump, and then the knives… Donny forced himself to look away.
I love you, he thought.
From below, one of the slaughterers screamed at him.
”Sinners never die!” He then burst out laughing. ”Saints bleed out on the streets.”
I love you.
”What the Fuck just happened?” It was Cat-scratch behind Donny. ”What are they doing?”
”Can’t you see it?” Brutal-Joe said. ”They are butchering her.”
”But why?”
I love you, Donny failed and looked down. One of them held up Bella’s head for all to see. Her beautiful eyes carved out of the skull.
”They are setting an example,” he said. ”To show anyone who ever threat their territory.”
”And they couldn’t have chosen someone else? We were only us three after the assholes popped up from their graves?”
”I don’t know why.” Donny’s tears fell down in a rain over the massacre. Some of the men below caught it on their tongue.
I hate them,” he said. ”I hate them.”
”We do too,” said Cat-Scratch. ”But what are we gonna do?”
”First to safety.” Joe pushed a button and his chair began moving. ”Then some planning, isn’t that right boss?”
”Yes,” Donny said. ”Yes, our plan will send them back to hell where they belong.”
He looked up at the horizon and a red cloud arising above the President’s Quarters. He pushed a button and steered in the opposite direction.
He looked down again.
I hate you all, he thought. You will pay.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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