Flashes of Sanity #115: Incidental Air Support

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Incidental Air Support


Alred Klaudio had wings. That was weird. Weirder yet, the scales grew out yesterday. Or was it the day after that. Or the day after that. Remembering stuff was hard when you passed out every now and then.
Alred clapped his belly. Maybe burritos wasn’t the key to a healthy life. Alred thought about it and shook his head.
Overnight matured burritos was the essential breakfast. They were just not as easy to get from a cave on a mountain.
Caves were boring too. All the stone and all the skeletons. It was just not for him. Luckily, Alred brought the TV before he flew away. Sadly, there is no power in a cave.
But you can always play pretend.
Alred stumbled his way out of the cave to retrieve his daily burrito from the snow. They were getting smaller. That annoyed Alred. That this was the last burrito annoyed him even more.
The pink peppers growing in the snow was also weird.
Alred swallowed the coin sized burrito and decided to fly for new ones.
There were not many who could stumble mid-air, but Alred was one of them. He couldn’t believe that wings found it so difficult to stay apart.
The cities got smaller too. That confused Alred. The people shrunk every time he visited them too.
“Do you have burritos,” Alred asked. “Big ones.”
Everyone screamed at him. That Alred found sad. Back when he lived in the city, everyone was nice.
Alred stretched his head in through the supermarket entrance and scanned the aisles for burritos, but they were nowhere to be found.
But he found a TV.
He asked them to raise the volume so he could hear the news over all the screaming, but everyone was too busy screaming.
There was a war in the big cities, he understood. And monsters.
Maybe I could help, Alred thought. I have wings. I have fire.
The TV began burning.
Yes. Alred wanted to help.
Alred borrowed candy from a shelf, and exited the store.
He stumbled over the sea. He met some airplanes.
They were not nice. Just missiles and bullets.
They fell into the sea when Alred stumbled. Alred said he was sorry. Hopefully, they heard him.
Alred stumbled all the way to the mainland. He saw the monster. He shot some fire.
He was ready to save the day.

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