Flashes of Sanity #117: Queen in the Rubble

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Queen in the Rubble


The red monster flew across the sky. The dragon came flying after it engulfed in its own flames.
“Mom.” Dina tugged at Susanne’s arm. “I want to go home.”
“I know honey, mom just have to think so we don’t kill ourselves first.”
Susanne crossed a street full of demolished buildings and torn, living bodies.
“Do you really think you can die?” Marge said behind them. “I am pretty sure you should reevaluate yourself in that case.”
Susanne gave Marge a toxic look.
“Maybe I can’t, but I am pretty sure Dina can.”
That shut Marge up, for now. Susanne already regretted the choice of bringing her along. But certain people could make all the difference in a possible future.
Susanne knew Marge Umington was one of them.
The red monster threw itself at the flaming dragon. The dragon went for the throat.
“Mom, I am scared.”
“Me too honey. We just have to wait for Uncle Mart to pick us up.”
A screech left the monster’s mouth. The screech turned fiercer for every second it lasted.
“Damn you Xander!” Marge shouted
“Xander?” Susanne glanced at Marge. “Xander Bylix.”
“Yes! How do you know him.” Marge went silent. Her eyes wandered to Dina. “Oh.”
Susanne grabbed Marge’s once fancy dress and pulled her close. “If you tell a soul, I will make sure you suffer.”
The smile playing on Marge’s lips was enough to make her consider it anyway.
“You don’t have to worry Mrs. Queen. Your secret is safe with me.”
Susanne let go.
One more enemy knowing too much, she thought. I’ll need to keep her close.
A car roared. It ran through all the living corpses and stopped by Susanne’s feet.
“Finally.” Susanne threw the passenger door open.
“Get in!” Mart Adamson screamed from the driver’s seat. “We need to get away from here before they blow everything up.”
The car screeched through more corpses, and left the city.
“Are we going home?” Dina asked.
“No,” Mart said. “We are going somewhere better. We are meeting Santa!”

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