Flashes of Sanity #118: Dire Incidents

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Dire Incidents


Alred stumbled graciously into a crash landing.
The hit was quite the surprise for the red monster.
Very convenient when you are trying to save the world from destruction. The monster arouse from the rubble. It screeched as it threw itself at Alred. Alred remembered all the teachings kung fu movies had taught him. One step back, one arm raised.
Not really according to plan. But when you ate a burrito last night, no matter the size, what can one expect?
The belch brought with it a flood of fire, and all of it poured over Alred with the morning breath hanging heavy. Alred breathed it in. Soon, bathroom break for thirty minutes.
Better get this over quick, he thought.
The red cloud fizzed at the first touch with Alred’s morning gases.
The monster threw itself back.
Alred saw the opportunity. One foot back, one arm raised. A cocky look.
Do you dare to attack me, it said.
Alred stumbled and his tail struck the monster. The monster flew across the city. Alred stumbled after it, and he tripped.
So, he flew after the monster. With another belch flavoring his mouth.
Then the monster threw itself at Alred. That was rude. Everyone knew a fight had to involve moments of staring, that was the rule. Alred aimed his teeth at the monster’s ear just as he did against Mo in kindergarten. Sadly, red clouds doesn’t have ears, they are just body, neck and face. And Alred missed the face.
The monster’s screech fractured buildings as Alred’s teeth tore into the neck. The monster threw punch after punch against Alred’s thick scales. They hit his ribs and his face. They broke through. They pierced in between the ribs in his chest. Just like the day with Mo, Alred never let go. Alred never gave up. The monster reached his heart. Alred’s vision blurred as red fingers wrapped around it. The fingers squeezed.
They ripped the heart out.
Alred tore the ear away that day Mo called his mother the bad S-word. He tore the neck of the monster today too.
The monster burst into thousand fragments. They all scattered in the wind. Some fragments laughed, some fragments cried. One fragment went home. Alred fell. His last blood poured out from the hole in his chest. He closed his eyes.
At least I saved the world, he thought.
He never opened his eyes again.

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