Flashes of Sanity #119: Taxi Driver

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Taxi Driver


One monster dispersed in the rear view mirror, and another one fell.
Miko refocused on the road ahead. He avoided hitting a man on the street, and repositioned himself on the road.
“That was quite unnecessary, Miko,” the Reviewer said beside him. “He wouldn’t have cared if you hit him or not.”
“How can you be so sure,” MIko snarled back while saving another road walker from his polished hood.
“It is written on every wall. Sinners never die.”
“How can you be sure they never die? How can you know it wasn’t a saint?”
Miko felt the reviewer’s eyes scanning from top to toe as he would judge a fool.
“It is also written on the walls… Saints bleed out on the streets. And besides, I have gotten confirmation of its truthfulness.”
“So, you are saying the monsters behind us were saints?” The passenger in the back seat asked.
Miko had to say, the young boy had been growing on him since they washed the piss of his legs.
“The dragon seems to have been one, Mr. Sooly. The other monster just scattered it looks like. Miko, left here, then first on the left.”
Miko stopped at a metal door without numbers on a street full of doors. Of all the streets they had passed this was the only one that was empty.
“Now what?”
“We go in, rescue the prisoner and go out. If we are in luck it will be prisoners.”
“And you don’t think anyone will get us?”
“No, they are all out ‘never dying’.” The Reviewer smiled at his own cleverness. 
Miko sighed.
Young Mr. Sooly didn’t seem to know if he dared to smile or sigh. 
A series of small bombs took down the metal door. The reviewer was first inside. He whistled, and the room whistled back. 
“Miko, first door to the left. Mr. Sooly, first door to the right. Follow the corridor and check every door.”
The Reviewer himself walked through the corridor ignoring all doors.
Miko kicked his doors open. Mr. Sooly on the other hand pushed them open and peaked inside before he took cover behind the wall. The process took about too long for Miko to tolerate it, and he began kicking the doors from the other direction.
The rooms were all empty.
The Reviewer himself came back with someone on his shoulder. A trail of blood followed his foot steps, but somehow it never dripped on his shoes. Mid-step he slammed his heel against the floor. His foot went straight through the wood. He looked down, nodded, and continued walking.
“Carl Messinger awaits you under the floor,” he said as he passed Miko and Mr. Sooly. “Me and Donna will meet you in the car.” 
“Don’t you dare ruin my seats!”
“Our new beneficiary will gladly pay for new ones!” The Reviewer threw back at him.
“F*ck the beneficiary,” Miko mumbled as began tearing the wooden floor away. “Those seats are priceless.”
“Donna…” Mr. Sooly stuttered beside him.

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