Flashes of Sanity #123: Shaded Warrior

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Shaded Warriot


Gray put the glass to his mouth. The brown went down with a burn through his throat. He forced down another chug.
Who cared anyway? It was not like he could die.
The news showed the dragon falling, just like it had the last few hours. It was all the news was nowadays. Murder, monsters and chaos.
Still, his home pulled at his heart.
“You can get brain damage from watching too much TV.” The brunette saving him from the water leaned her pretty head in between him and the screen. “I think brain damage still is a problem even if you are immortal.”
“If you ask the people shooting each other, they would probably not agree.”
She turned her head just to see two gangs shooting at each other. “You are probably right about that.” She stretched to the aged TV and turned it off.
“I still believe it is bad for you. You can thank me later.”
Gray groaned. “How come the world is in chaos but this island is not?”
“The same way the rest of the world has people going Christmas crazy once every year and we don’t. Tourists and seasonal workers. During down time neither want to be here, and we are kind of left alone.”
“You are probably right about that.” Gray turned the glass upside down and felt another fire travel down his throat.
“I know I am, and now when the world is on fire all flights are cancelled too.” The girl handed Gray a glass of water. “So, you better start making the best of your trip, honey.”
“I am drinking ain’t I?”
The frown on the girl’s face made her face into a tanned raisin. “That sounds like a splendid idea.”
“Any other ideas?”
“No, this is all up to you. But you are safe here, that is something that most other can’t say.”
Gray looked over his shoulder to the empty bar.
Yes, he thought. Safe and cut off from everyone else.
His thoughts wandered to the people not dying on the streets and the dragon. How long would this chaos be? What could end it? Why is there chaos?
He arose from his chair so fast the girl dropped the glass she was cleaning.
“Where are you going?” She asked.
“To the library and read about dragons.” Gray threw the door open. “If the world is upside-down, then maybe the dragon will be the solution. Or some other mystical creature.”
The girl giggled. “That’s more like it.”

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