Flashes of Sanity #124: Presinct of Sinners

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Presinct of Sinners


Cassandra counted them again. Just to be sure. She got stuck on Kara. Like last time. That flappy skin. The mouth hanging weirdly over her teeth. Somehow that was worse than the brain showing on Brynk’s skull.
They were all here, Cassandra concluded. They were all alive. With the word on the street, she felt quite divided from that fact.
They were all sinners.
Not a single saint on her troop. Not a single killing wound.
“What do we do now?” Aresh asked. “We can’t hide forever.”
“I don’t know.” Cassandra sighed. She looked up at the curved roof. The roof reminded her that they had taken to the sewer to find somewhere safe. It was also a reminder of all the feet stomping over their heads. “I just don’t know.”
“Has anyone seen Isa?” Kara’s mouth was still but her teeth moved behind the lips.
The troop looked at her, then they all looked away. Cassandra forced herself to keep eye contact just a little longer than the rest.
“No, we have no news about Isa.”
“Well, I am damned sure he wasn’t a saint.” Kara continued. “He has to be somewhere.”
“As soon as this all has calmed down, we will search for him.”
Kara seemed to accept Cassandra’s reason. But then again, how could Cassandra be really sure? The skin mask hid all her expressions.
“Why don’t you tell us what happened to your face?” Sandell muttered.
Kara’s face quickly turned to wards him and Sandell threw himself back at the sight.
“Why don’t you tell me what you did while I was gone?” Kara spat back. “Did you have fun while my killer walked in my skin. Did you notice that he wasn’t me?”
Cassandra froze. She was dead? She thought. She saw her own question reflect on the other’s faces.
“I was captured, skinned and killed just so some maniac could get a fix for his perverted desire of dressing like others.” Inside Kara’s mouth tears ran down her mouth. “And you never noticed. No one noticed that he wasn’t me. I thought you knew me.”
Kara hid her sloppy face behind her wrinkled hands. “I was so wrong.”
The air disappeared as the realization sank in.
“I am sorry.” Sandell was the first to break out of the trauma. “That sounds horrible.”
He put his hand on Kara’s shoulder. Cassandra regained control of her own thoughts.
“When did he kill you?”
“When I went to check out the abandoned storage building back in March. The one we got noise complaints from. It was him who put in the complaint. He waited for me.”
“That was…” Cassandra met Sandell’s hollow gaze.
“I am sorry,” Sandell said again. “Sh*t. This is awful.”
Inside Cassandra’s thoughts one voice surfaced. He probably planned to kill us all. He probably had been close so many times.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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