Flashes of Sanity #125: Frozen Promises

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Frozen Promises


The snow was everywhere. On the ground, in her shoes, in her eye, and under Dina’s coat. Susanne made another attempt at getting the white away from Dina’s neck.
“Mart, how much longer do we have to go?”
“Just a little longer!” The snow storm muffled Mart’s voice. “We will see a door anytime now.”
A door in the middle of nowhere, that’s about he most stupid thing Susanne ever heard. She believed it anyway. At this time, she had no choice.
“Mom, I don’t think I want to meet Santa anymore.”
“Just hang on, honey. Just a little more.”
Dina closed her eyes and hugged herself. Susanne leaned in and hugged her daughter.
“That was just perfect…” Marge said beside them.
“Charles Gool just declared himself president.”
“Gool? Didn’t he resign? Wait how did you know that?”
“He resigned, yes. Maybe not voluntarily.” Marge turned to Susanne. “And I was working with the presidents for decades. I got ways to get information anywhere. Even the North pole.”
“Here!” The shout came from what was Mart’s shadow that should only be 50 meters ahead, but looked like a distance too far away to walk.
Susanne picked up Dina. “I will carry you the last part,” she whispered. “I promise, I will carry you all the way.”
The door was big. Way too big to be missed. Susanne still didn’t see it until she crashed into its wooden frame. She looked at the massive open door planted in the middle of a snowy desert. Warmth radiated from the room on the other side. She resisted the wind and forced herself in. The storm subsided immediately. Her frozen spine could finally move again. And Dina opened her beautiful eyes.
“We made it,” Susanne whispered. “We are at Santa’s home.”
“We are?”
“Yes, you are!” A steady voice grumbled from some stairs. “Welcome to my sweet home.”
Susanne glanced at up the stairs and the man with the red hat. The skinny man with more holes than skin.
“Don’t look at him, Dina!”
Dina struggled in Susanne’s arms. “But I want to meet Santa.”
“Do you know what happens when a child sees Santa before Christmas?” The child stopped and looked at Susanne with big eyes.
“He disappears. Just like that. We don’t want that, right?”
Dina shook her head. “Can I look at the elves instead?”
In Susanne’s periphery, the corpse shrugged his shoulders and opened a door full of machines. An elf stood on the other side. His crocked back, long fingers and sly smile would break Dina’s heart.
The corpse whispered something in the elf’s ear. The back instantly straightened. The smile got kind.
“Is it right? Why don’t you show me to her right away!”
Dina turned towards the friendly voice, and the sparkle in her eyes would melt any heart. The corpse was gone, for now.
“Mom, it is an elf!”
“Yes, hon’,” Susanne said. “Let’s see if he can show us the toy factory.”

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