Flashes of Sanity #127: Field Work

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Field Work


Donny looked out from behind the wall.
“All clear.” He gestured towards Donna to come.
They entered the highway and searched every car for something and anything that could satisfy their starving group.
“Remind me again why we search abandoned cars for food, when we could go through the supermarkets.” Donna said, in her hand she held a forgotten banana peel that probably had been rotten already when the car was forced to halt.
“Because all the supermarkets already have been raided.” Donny reminded himself for the thousand time this day that she only was a teenager. Nothing more. Just a teenager capable of murder if the rumor was correct. “People raided them probably on hour one, or two if there was an electronic store on the same street.”
“So, we are hoping to survive on candy bars parents hid from their kids.”
“Pretty much.” Donny searched the glove compartment and found a bar and a soda bottle.
“That would be a lot of candy bars in that case.”
“You have no idea,” Donny said and thought of the mountains Brutal Joe and Cat-Scratch Bill usually ate. Them and Bella. The feeling stung in his chest and travelled up his throat in nauseating pulses.
She is dead…
“Wait!” Donna pulled herself out of a passenger seat. “Did you hear that?”
Donny froze and pushed away the nausea. Yes, there were people laughing. Right below them. There were also people screaming.
Donna and Donny sneaked towards the edge of the highway. They looked down at the streets below.
A man laughed again.
“Your money doesn’t matter now.”
Hanging in their feet three men and two women hang in their feet. Their clothes were torn, the women’s much more than the men’s. They were all bleeding.
In front of them a mob laughed while exchanging turns on dealing punches.
“Please,” one of the men sobbed.
“Shut it! I never asked you to speak.” A knife slashed through the man’s shirt and chest. He screamed.
“And you.” The slasher turned to one of the women. “I always wondered what the jugs of yours felt like in the night, maybe I should take one of them with me home and test it out?”
His knife slid in under what was left of her shirt. She didn’t scream, she didn’t cry. Even when the knife pierced her skin, she didn’t move a muscle.
“You should not see this.” Donny took Donna under his arm and forced her face away just as the blood trickled down the woman’s neck and her face.
Donny looked away too.
They probably did something similar to Bella, he thought.
“Should we leave?” Donna sked from his armpit.
“Yes. Yes, we really should get going before they notice us.”
The two sneaked of the high way. Another man screamed.
“Hi,” one attacker said. “Do you like nachos?”
All Donny could think about was his beautiful Bella in blood, and the knives tearing her apart.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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