Flashes of Sanity #132: Corporate meeting

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: corporate meeting


”What do you take away from all this?” Donald said as he scanned the city from their new abandoned apartment. What once had been a rooftop suite had become four walls barely holding together.
Outside, the streets were on fire. A city screamed in terror and pain, and above it all a man flew around on a sleigh.
“May I first ask if you truly believe it is him?” The Reviewer walked up beside Donald, his apprentice came close after.
“I am sure it is Sam.”
The Reviewer looked out through the once-a-mirror in silence. The man in the sleigh shot fire onto a building creating a sentence in hell fire.
“He is still angry with you.”
“That much I figured out for myself. Anything else.”
“The fact that he dresses like Santa and flies around on a sleigh pulled by reindeers forces me to questions what I thought was facts.”
“Yes, but how do we take him down?”
“We have a rocket launcher. But that would give them our position. We could fight them from the streets, but the most probable conclusion is that,” the Reviewer looked down at the streets screaming, “he has people there too.”
Donald thought about the two dead ends. He sipped his coffee.
“That leaves below ground to be explored. This hotel has a path through the cellar to the sewer if I remember it correct. Should that be a path worth considering?”
The Reviewer turned to his apprentice. “What do you think?”
The apprentice flinched as if they thrown their fists at his face.
“What I think?” The apprentice gathered himself and corrected his suit.
Probably something The Reviewer taught him.
“Do we have to exit our place of safety?”
“Yes,” Donald said. “They will find us anyway. It is better we take the battle in our hands.”
Donald thought about his people on the street. Not an army, but a resistance. It was only a matter of time before the wrong person decided that the pain wasn’t worth it.
“Then it is decided,” the reviewer said. “Well done, Mitch. Mr. Diamond, should we inform the others?”
“Yes.” Donald continued to look out the window as the two reviewers backed from the window. Partly, he wanted Sam to see him. Get the battle over with. But face-off would guarantee failure.
Donald didn’t want to fail. Especially not when Sam was holding the other gun.
“Just one more question if you don’t mind?” The Reviewer asked. “Sarah, the one who built SurgeRay with you and Sam, you haven’t heard from her?”
“No, I haven’t,” Donald answered. “And I probably won’t.”

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