Flashes of Sanity #133: Among dumpsters

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Among Dumpsters


“So sweet dreams.” The taller elf said and leaned closer to Dina. “They are so bright.”
“So warm.” His friend filled in.
Susanne shivered still regretting she asked for their help. The blood red smiles on the two from the sleigh still burned bright in her mind.
“Anymore news from the other side?” She asked Marge.
“Not much, Gool has told the world not to worry. He is in a safe space where no one can reach him. Not even aliens and their weapons of mass destruction if that was the case.”
“Do you know where that is?” Susanne flinched as the tall elf pushed his head against Dina’s hair. “Hey, she is just a child!”
The elf looked at her. He didn’t move away from her daughter.
“Yes, she is,” he said. “But her dreams tell me you already have shown her darkness.”
Within Susanne’s throat, a explosion of sour nausea surfaced. She halted.
“Can you see that?”
“Yes, and so much more. She dreams of knives in backs. And she is happy. So, warm and happy.”
The elf and Susanne stared at each other for an eternity. The elf took Dina’s hair and smelt it. Susanne took one step forward.
If you even think of smelling her again, I will kill you, she thought.
“Ignore him,” Marge pulled Susanne’s arm just as Susanne raised it in preparation for beating the elf into a pulp. “They are creatures of war, remember? They do anything to start a fight.”
“We need to get to the sewers,” Marge continued when she caught Susanne’s attention. “From there we need to get to the President’s quarters.”
“You mean what was the President’s quarters,” Mart said with a sly smile.
“No, I mean the President’s quarters. Most of it is below ground and should be intact.”
“Clever.” Susanne glared at the two elves again. They were completely high from Dina’s dreams. “Where will you go Mart?”
“I will take the sewers too, but to the city. Half of my men will join you at the President’s quarters. The other half will follow me to Mr. Diamond.”
“Can you shoot him one extra time from me?” Susanne asked. They pulled a man hole cover away.
“I will do so much more than shooting him Mrs. Queen.”
The three jumped down the sewer, and shortly after the two elves lowered a sleeping Dina.
Above them Sam flew on his sleigh. He fired at buildings and pulled all the attention to himself.

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