Flashes of Sanity #134: Kyle the Survivor

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Today’s entry:


Kyle Rose had seen much. A rich life, a downfall, a failed revenge, and surviving a massacre by brain washed soldiers.
Going into hiding afterwards had been somewhat weird. Seeing your dead father appearing on the screen was weirder. Meeting said dead father also made quite the story. Seeing the one who took all your riches away being his right hand stung. Having your dead father make you head of his militia topped it all.
Kyle took his time and looked at each and everyone. His old friends. His dead friends. His new friends. And those he did not know where they stood.
“We are facing something neither of us have ever seen before,” he said.
Murderous elves was what he meant. There was no meaning in telling the soldiers. They were all too aware.
“But we are immortal, remember that! They can harm us, but they can never kill us! And you know what? Santa’s elves. That sounds like saints to me. Doesn’t it?”
He got a few nods in answer. Whether they truly believed him didn’t matter.
“We will kill them!”
Some repeated his words. Simon was one of them. That was always a good thing.
“We will kill them!” Kyle screamed it again.
He punched the silent on the shoulder. A few screams more and they were all shouting in adrenaline fueled rage.
Even Kyle believed his words now.
“Charge!” Kyle opened the door. The soldiers poured out on the street. Kyle joined them. Shouts of rage turned into screams of pain the second they walked out. Fire rained from the sleigh above. Teeth pierced their skin. Simon lost his head.
Kyle fired bullet after bullet as he saw his men fall to elves who cheerfully gnawed their skin away.
“Hi, Kyle,” a man said from above.
Kyle didn’t need to look up. He already saw the red hat on the face that once belonged to his father’s best friend. He tightened his hand around a grenade. He pulled the pin.
“I want you to tell me where your father is,” Sam wheezed in Kyle’s ear.
“Make me.”
Kyle dropped the grenade and held his breath.

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