Flashes of Sanity #136: Protect the Sewers

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Protect the sewers


”I thought I heard someone breathing,” a voice said from above. Then the little goblin giggled as it threw itself at Cassandra.
Cassandra drew her gun before she thought. She fired at the approaching creature as her brain processed what her eyes and ears told her. Her bullets were joined by countless more as her squad emptied their guns into the being.
“What was that?” Aresh asked.
“I don’t know.” Cassandra stepped closer to the goblin. She reloaded. The goblin had bells on its feet, still it snuck up on them so easily.
Wonder how many more now sneaking up on them after hearing the gun shoots?
The mouth moved on the lump of blood, and Cassandra fired again as it threw itself at her. It grabbed her face.
“Merry Christmas!” It said and gnawed on her ear. It pulled her ear away.
Cassandra screamed. She pulled at the monster. The others did to, but it never came loose. It swallowed her ear. Then it went for her face again.
“Move!” Cassandra heard Kara scream.
The monster looked up just to see a pipe fall onto its head. The monster crashed to the sewer floor. Kara continued to hammer it all while the goblin laughed.
“You are not safe here. Santa is coming for you.” It stretched for Cassandra’s feet but another hit flung it further away.
“Don’t just stand there,” Kara said. “Hold it down. Tie it up.”
Cassandra watched as her crew threw themselves at the goblin. Some held the head in place, others focused on the arms and the legs. Cassandra considered gutting it to get her ear back.
Kara threw the pipe to the ground, and she cuffed the monster. Saliva got stuck on her loose lip.
Just to be sure they tied the blood lump up so it couldn’t move. The monster didn’t seem to mind.
“Merry, merry Christmas,” it sang. “We will kill you all.”
Cassandra tore off the arm of her uniform and pushed it against her ear. With the few sparks still capable of thinking, she made a decision. They would leave the safe place they had been the last few days. To where she didn’t know.
“Pack everything, we are moving. And throw the goblin in the water, that way no one can hear it at least.”

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