Flashes of Sanity #137: Getaway pipe

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Getaway pipe


”This reminds me of that time we chased Don Golga.” Brutal Joe pulled his foot out from a pool of slimy water. ”And when we caught Don Golga.”
To be honest, Donny thought this reminded him of that customer that got them to close the store due to sanitary issues. Slime, piss and shit. That felt just like him.
“Who was Don Golga? Donna asked. Her interest in the two brutes had spiked since they told her they had been in the underworld longer than most.
“Someone who ended up on the wrong side of the reaper,” Cat-Scratch said.
“Yes, snitches always end up dead.”
“Snitches always end up dead,” Donna mumbled. “How many snitches have you killed?”
“More than I can count,” Cat-Scratch said.
“Well, ten is not that big of a number.”
They seemed to have moved on so quickly after Bella died. Did they even care? Donny’s thoughts flooded with Bella in a spandex suit. Her smile always shone bright.
The group halted so fast Donny walked into Donna. He looked up from the ground and saw Dale lifting his hand.
“Did you hear something?” Cat-Scratch asked.
A sharp look from Dale made him shut up immediately.
“We have a group of ten in front of us,” Dale whispered. “Sounds nothing like the elves.”
Donny sharpened his ears, and yes, voices echoed further down the tunnels.
“Should we hide?” Mitch asked.
“Where do you want us to hide?”
Mitch looked around just to realize how stupid his question was.
“What do we do then?”
“We wait and prepare for the worst.”
Donald pulled his backpack of his back. “Okay, guns. You have bullets in your backpacks. Unsecure the weapons and be ready. And remember it will only hurt them.”
Donny dug through his backpack and found one of the clips. He pushed it into his gun. His heart was beating out of his chest.
“Keep the guns hidden,” Dale said still with his hand in the air and his ears listening at the conversation further into the tunnel.. “They are cops. We do not want to seem threatening.”
“Doesn’t that mean they could be killable?” Donna asked. When it came from her it always seemed to be with a gruesome thought in mind.
“The battle should have killed those cops right away,” Dale said. “Just be ready, okay?”

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