Flashes of Sanity #139: Evaluated Risk

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Today’s entry: Evaluated Risk


Cassandra Crisis. Aresh David. Lukas Sandell. Paul Brynk. Kim Hang. Laura Warr. Roger Gerth. Raul Saref. Regina Julius. And lastly Kara Tagert. Only Kara was hard to identify. The others looked exactly like on the pictures Dale Riderstorm had seen.
”You are the Reviewer,” Cassandra said.
”Correct,” Dale said. He would never have expected anything less of the Captain. He put his hand on Mitch’s shoulder. ”And this is my apprentice Mitch Sooly.”
Cassandra raised her eyebrow. “Apprentice?”
Her team only observed the fight between the two. Only Aresh showed the total confusion harboring in them all. All of them were wounded in ways that would have been deadly at any other time except this one.
Not surprising, Dale thought as he recalled their files.
“Yes, apprentice. And this is Donald Diamond. Donny Waterfield. Joe Harbera. William Faulter. Donna Maldo. Miko Sonder.”
Cassandra nodded. Her face remained frozen as she calculated what to do next.
“That’s quite the patchwork you got there,” she said. “You will have to forgive my impoliteness, but I suspect an introduction of my team is unnecessary.”
“You are correct Captain. So, you have seen an elf up-close?”
“I call them goblins, but if elf is what you prefer go for it.”
“Elf will probably be more accepted by Santa, don’t you think?”
Dale studied the bloodied cloth tied to Cassandra’s ear. The blood was still fresh.
“These elves are quite numerous. Meeting an army of them could prove quite dangerous for a small team. Don’t you think so?”
Cassandra let Dale go with her eyes to look at her team. Her eyes locked on Dale again.
“What are you suggesting?”
“Just what is better for both of our survival.”
An elbow hit Dale in the side. Dale ignored the pain and kept his eyes on Cassandra.
“Calm down, Donald,” he mumbled. “These cops are smart. They know what is best for them is best for us.”
“You want us to join forces?” Cassandra scanned Donald’s team once more.
“I agree on one condition,” she continued. “You tell me why you are with Donald Diamond.”
“Is that all?” Dale smiled and stretched his arm out towards Cassandra. “Donald pays far better than anyone else for my services. Do we have a deal?”
Cassandra looked at the hand. She turned to her crew of stone faces, and Aresh.
“We have a deal.” She took Dale’s hand and shook it.
“Great!” Dale said. “So where did you dump our lovely elf?”

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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