Flashes of Sanity #140: Red Chaser

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Red Chaser


”So this is where you met him?” Sam looked out through the broken window. Donald had had a full view of the city and all the movements on the street and in the air.
Clever, as usual, Sam thought. What did you drink to come up with that?
Probably coffee, Sam recalled. The one who needed alcohol for his ideas to flow turned to coffee after more ideas proved unnecessary. The fun guy turned dull awfully fast after that.
“Yes,” Kyle said. “I promise this is where I met him. He must have moved after you came.”
“Then this one is useless,” An elf said. “I think we should eat him just like we did to his friends.”
“Yes, I love the way they scream in my inside.”
The two elves inhaled Kyle’s legs. The pathetic example for a man shivered.
“Kyle,” Sam said. “Were there others here with your father?”
Kyle hesitated. “No.”
Sam felt warm all the way to his core. There is still hope in finding you old friend, he thought.
“Then he is yours my dear friends?”
The elves giggled. One put his teeth against Kyle’s legs. The other licked his hands. The panic in Kyle’s eye was something Sam would cherish for long.
“What Kyle?”
“It was someone here with him. The Reviewer they call him.”
“The Reviewer.” Sam took another look out the window as he let the name rest on his thoughts.
They saw us on the streets and in the air, he thought. Then he smiled.
“Right where I want you.”
“Kyle, I would run if I were you,” he continued.
Kyle stared at Sam. Still paralyzed in his boots.
“I will give you a ten seconds head start before I release my two friends here.”
That snapped Kyle out of his state. He ran.
After five seconds Sam released the elvess. Then he touched his red crown.
“Go to the sewers,” he said. “And if you see my son, tell him we are winning.”

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