Flashes of Sanity #141: City Runner

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: City Runner


Kyle jumped three steps at the time. As soon as he reached the end of stairs, he heard Sam reach five.
”Go on! Take him!” The red demon said.
The elves laughed. Their bodies bounced against the walls and the stairs. All of it haunted Kyle in echoes.
Please, he thought, just this time.
A laughter closed in on his neck. Kyle dodged and the body crashed into the wall. The bells on its feet rang. Blood gashed out through its skull. It still laughed.
“I am catching you now!”
Kyle threw himself down the next stair. He stumbled and bent his knee sideways. It hurt, but Kyle continued running.
“Sinners never die,” he mumbled.
We end up in an elf’s stomach if we are not careful though.
He tackled a door in. And took the first room to the left. He shut the door just in time for the two skinny bodies to crash into it with full force.
“Sinners never die.”
They were still ten floors up. Kyle looked around while the elves scratched their way through the door.
One of them cracked the door with his skull teeth first.
“You can’t hide,” it said as it spat the splinters out.
No, Kyle thought. I can’t.
He saw the window. It faced right out the street.
“Sinners never die.”
He threw himself at the window. The shards carved into his skin. They tore at his mouth.
And Kyle fell. He spread out his arms and his legs to catch as much wind as possible. He caught the hole in the road and crashed into the sewer water.
The water was still hard enough to break every bone in his body into small pieces.
His world went dark, just to fade back into the light.
The elves laughed as they came falling after him. They hit the asphalt.
Kyle sank to the bottom of the sewer.
I failed, he thought in the lonely waters, I failed you all.
Within the waters a tiny shrimp found him. It dug into his skin. Then another on came. And another one.
With time they would pull him up and help him to stand among the living again.
Insects would join their army. And finally after the world turned red, Kyle would meet a cockroach with nothing but revenge in his mind.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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