Flashes of Sanity #142: Political Heist

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Political Heist


”We want everyone to feel safe,” President Gool said in Marge’s ear. ”That’s why we now have initiated protocol ’wall’. No one gets in or out of our precious country, and any attempt of coming in will be treated as an attack.”
Charles still likes his protocols, Marge thought. If she recalled right, the project of sending 50 kids into alien spaceships had been called protocol ‘Baby Boom’. He had at least had the brain enough to never say that aloud to anyone he worked with, except Marge. But Marge was an exception.
“If you carry Dina up this ladder, you will find a bedroom.”
“Great.” Susanne never released the two elves carrying her daughter from her guarding eyes. “Who will be with her?”
The two elves looked at her. They leaned closer to Dina and wrapped their arms around her.
“I have people who will gladly take care of her,” Marge said. “She will be safe.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, she is the one person I would put anything in the hands of if necessary.”
The two elves looked at each other, then they giggled and threw Dina into the arms of Susanne.
“Let’s go find a diamond,” they screamed and ran off.
Susanne disappeared up the ladder with Dina. Marge took the opportunity to give out orders to the part of Mart’s army he had let her have.
“We walk 100 meters that way until we hit a circular door. Only I know the code for that door.” And maybe some other jerks, she thought. But her feeling was that those had gone away with Xander. And President Gool had never been a man of details. Once we are inside, I need you to quickly immobilize everyone you see. Preferably without making too much noise. President Gool and his closest staff will resist, but they wont be a problem. The problem is a button below Gool’s desk. It will set of a chain of actions that will put every military resource in our direction.”
“We remove his arms,” one of the soldiers said.
His companions agreed.
“Are you that fast?”
“Ma’am, we are faster than that.”
Susanne came down from the room above. Her mouth was a thin line.
“Do you trust her?” Marge asked.
“I don’t trust anyone, but if I would trust anyone, she would be it.”
“Great!” Marge turned to her army. “Now, prove to me how fast you are.”

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