Flashes of Sanity #143: Shaded Sailor

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Today’s entry:


Gary crossed the deck. He forced the boat to turn. Then a wave crashed into him and he was thrown ashore. The wave pushed him down to the bottom.
It had taken Gary a half an hour to realize that research wasn’t his thing. It hadn’t been back when he acquired SurgeRay and saved 50 kids from a gruesome death, so why should it have changed until now?
Gary opened his eyes under the water. He inhaled the salt liquid and pushed his body to the shore.
His lungs screamed, but why should he care? It was a body believing that it was about to die. Nothing more.
Everything went dark. Everything blurred back into the light.
The island was completely cut off from the outside world now. It just took the TV and the radio to go down for that to happen. The last they heard about was a murderous Santa and his elves creating chaos.
Gary crawled his way up on the shore. He forced the water up from his lungs.
“Why are you torturing yourself son?” Frank one of the bartenders asked.
“Because why not?” Gary answered.
“The only thing you have accomplished is turning your skin grey from the exhaustion.”
“Isn’t that wonderful.” Gary arose. He stretched his back and scanned the horizon for his boat. “I am in shades.”
“You will never find the answers at the bottom of the sea.” Frank said. “It is a waste of your time.”
“Maybe not at the bottom of the sea but when I get that boat going, I can go wherever I want. And then I can find any answer I want. One of them might be about dragons and the other one might be about Santa Claus.”
Frank sighed. Gary waddled back into the water.
“When I grew up there was talk about peppers that made you breath fire,” Frank said. “They where at the top of the snowy mountains on the mainland. If you are going to mindlessly search you answers, maybe, that’s a good place to start.”
Gary looked back. He was up to his wait in the water.
“Thanks Frank. I will look into that.”
As Gary dove back into the water, Frank spread his wings. He smiled as he took off.
When Gary reached the boat, Frank was already up above the clouds. And another Frank walked the shore. This Frank tugged at a dancer’s arm and pointed at Gary. They both laughed at Gary’s pointless quest. And they both walked on unknowing of the winged monster glaring at them from above the clouds.

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