Flashes of Sanity #146: Run

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Run


Donald Diamond’s hand went to his mouth. The cup was not there. He tied the hand into a fist.
Sometimes life was shit.
Another wave of laughter echoed through the sewers.
”Where should we go?” It was Aresh who said it. The questions man. The annoying man.
”The opposite way from the laughter,” Dale Riderstorm said. ”Lets go.”
Within seconds everyone had packed their bags and was on foot.
“We should find an open space,” Dale said. “Somewhere were we are not trapped from two directions.”
“We need to go out,” he continued after a moment of thought.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” Dale threw himself onto a ladder and began climbing. “We are safer above ground.”
The group halted. Then Cassandra grabbed the ladder.
“You heard the man. Lets get going!”
The fresh air above ground was rejuvenating. The notion that they now were where everyone could see them was stressful. Dale took direction towards the square. Donald followed without questioning.
“Do you think we can outrun them here?”
“No,” Dale said while quickening his steps. “But we have a chance to fight back. At this time, it is all that matters.”
Cassandra caught up to them. Her reaching them made the speed go up to a jog.
“What is your plan?”
“Nothing right now. I need to know what we are working with.”
The square opened up in front of them. And behind them the laughter reached the surface. Donald scanned the abandoned square, and all the shops lining up around the square and its fountain. Cars that otherwise had been driving on the roads around the square was thrown in every direction. Two had even landed in the empty pool. Beside it all a hotdog stand had been tipped up-side-down.
“I need you to be where they can see you,” Dale said and walked to the fountain in the middle of the square. “Here. Captain Crisis?”
“Yes, Dale.”
“Who are your best shoters?”
Cassandra smiled. “I believe you know that already.”
Dale nodded. “Yes, I do. Cassandra, I need you and your team to do exactly as I say no matter what happens.”
“And Carl,” Dale continued. “We are working with dangerous people. I will need you to be my eyes on set to make sure we make the right decisions.”
“You got it Dale!”
Donald Diamond looked over his shoulder.
Let this work, he thought. Please let this work.

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