Flashes of Sanity #150: The Element of Surprise

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: The Element of Surprise


Joe pinched Donny. Hard. The pinch traveled through his body in an electric shock and Donny prepared himself for what was coming.
The two cops fired at the Santa from hell. The Santa was thrown aback, not by pain, that Donny was sure of.
Is this the right time? He feared he already had let the moment pass.
The bullets rained onto Santa, he turned towards the two cops. So far, no one else had reacted.
Donny threw himself at the corpse in Santa’s outfit.
”What are you gonna do?” Joe had asked as he handed over the grenade.
”Think of Bella and all that happened to her. Then I will blame the bastard for it all.”
He hit the red body with all his force and caught some bullets while doing so. At this point, the bullets just stung. Santa fell backwards, and Donny came after. They crashed into the asphalt and Donny sat himself on the rotten chest.
“This is for Bella and all your kind did to her!” He punched the grenade into Santa’s chest. When someone has been decomposed for long enough that goes surprisingly easy.
Santa looked at his chest, he scratched at it to get the grenade out. And Donny went for the red hat. He pulled it off the dead head.
The dead head didn’t realize what happened until Donny had thrown it to those behind him.
Please let it be Dale that catches it, he thought. Or Mitch.
The Santa screamed in a high pitch Donny guessed only molded vocal chords could accomplish. Donny leaned in and wrapped his arms around the body.
“You and me are going for a ride,” he said.
The explosion tore his chest apart. He was thrown into the air.
Donny knew he wouldn’t die but one could always hope.
Donny knew he wouldn’t meet Bella either way, but wasn’t that what wishes was created for.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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