Flashes of Sanity #153: Queen

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: Queen


”I lost contact with Mart,” the soldier said as he tapped his ear piece. ”All I get is static.”
A quick look around the room confirmed that the others had the same issue.
“What does that mean?” Susanne Queen asked all though she had her suspicions.
“Mart failed, he is out of the picture.”
“And where does this put us?”
“Mart was our employer. We don’t have an employer anymore. Our relationship has not changed, Mrs. President.”
“That is ensuring, Dawson.”
The receiver crackled on the desk. “Mrs. President?”
“The red cloud has changed direction.” The voice said.
“Contain it,” Susanne said. “Do not fire at it. I repeat. Contain it peacefully at all cost.”
“With all due respect, Mrs. President, but how are you thinking we should do that?”
“That’s not my place to know. Find someone who knows how to trap gases in the air and ask them instead.”
The receiver went silent. Susanne glanced at Marge. The face didn’t move, but in the eyes, Susanne thought herself see approval.
“And Dawson,” Suanne continued. “You and your crew will have a job at the presidential army if you are willing to accept it.”
“If the presidential army can afford hunters like us, we are more than willing to join you.” The soldier smiled.
“Money is now problem Dawson,” Susanne said. She pulled a drawer out of the desk and found a notepad and a pen. “The problem is rather our lack of soldiers. If you have any contacts you would find suitable for our army, I would be grateful if you let me know about them.”
She passed the notepad and the pen in the soldier’s direction. The soldier shook his head and raised his hand at the sight of it.
“I will let them know of you, Mrs. President,” he said. “There are some rogue troops out there I would gladly join forces with.”
“Great!” She glanced at Marge again. The approval behind her eyes was still there.

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