Flashes of Sanity #156: Split Responsibilities

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: split responsibilities


Cassandra weighed the piece in her hand. A quarter of a thin dark circle. It felt so heavy.
”You want us to hide it?”
”Yes,” The Reviewer said, ”wherever you find it secure from everyone’s greedy hands. I will hide one. Donald will hide one. Joe and William will hide one.”
”Donna will be part of hiding our piece,” Cat-scratch said.
Cassandra turned to the teenage girl. So, this is the one I will have to have my eyes on in the future, she thought.
”You don’t trust any of us to keep all the four pieces hidden?” Donald said and turned his piece around.
”We are all judged as sinners, Donald. I wouldn’t trust a sinner with anything.”
Donald seemed to accept that answer. Cassandra decided it was best to keep track on his actions in the future too.
”Correct me if I am wrong,” she said, ”but we are supposed to split up from this moment on. To ensure the pieces never touch again?”
”Correct Cassandra, it might be an unnecessary precaution but if anyone of us decides that they want the whole crown, they should not be able to collect it easily.”
”And someone of us probably will. Because we are sinners.”
Cassandra turned to her team. They all looked determined. She trusted them with her life. It was probably someone on the other half that was not trustworthy. She glanced at Donna. That girl had something in her eyes that made her stomach growl.
”I guess I will never see you again then,” she said and turned to the Reviewer again.
”If I do my part right you won’t, and I usually do.”
”All right then!” Cassandra took The Reviewer’s hand. ”If this hell ever ends, I hope I will see you again at least. Just so I can put you behind bars.”
The Reviewer smiled. ”You are hoping for much ms. Crisis.”
Cassandra turned her back against the man that had been a menace to the force for so long. Shivers traveled down her spine.
You are wrong, she thought. We will meet again. I am sure of it.
She smiled. It was the first time she ever known of anyone thinking he could be wrong.

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

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