Flashes of Sanity #157: An Apprentice Burden

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your daily dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: An Apprentice Burden


They were only three now. Mitch, Dale and Miko. All others had gone their separate ways in three separate groups with a fourth of what once was a dark metallic crown.
Like they had agreed on.
Dale looked at his arm watch. In his left hand he still held his piece of the crown.
“We are all sinners,” he mumbled. He looked over his shoulder. “Miko, do you think you can make any of the cars here work?”
“Here?” Miko shrugged. “Probably not. But I saw a nice Porsche on the way here that looked like it had some cats left under the hood.”
“Go find that car, and if it seems to take too long. Find another one. It is about time we left this place.”
“Oh, I will get it going all right,” Miko said and walked down one of the streets. “Just you see.”
Dale looked at his arm watch again. Then over his shoulder until Miko had disappeared.
He seemed to be in a hurry, Mitch thought. How unusual.
“Okay, Mitch,” Dale continued. “I will break this piece in two. One for you and one for me. I want you to keep it secret. No one can know of your piece. Do you understand how important this is?”
Mitch flinched. He knew Dale saw it.
“Why should I have one? How can you trust me?”
“I can’t. But of everyone I know in this sinner’s world, you are the most sin-free I can think of.”
“Don’t you trust yourself?”
Dale put the piece against his knee and cracked it. “I trust me. But I also know I will be the first anyone go after if they want to re-unite the pieces. Hopefully, you will go unnoticed. At least for while.”
Mitch took the piece. It glimmered in the sunlight.
Like a night sky, he thought.
“What should I do with it?”
“Whatever you find suitable. Just don’t tell me.” Dale put his arm on Mitch’s shoulder. “I have trust in you, okay?”
I don’t know if I have trust in me, Mitch thought, but he put it in his backpack among the cutleries and water bottles. The backpack turned kilos heavier instantly.
Dale seemed to relax. He regained the control he was so synonymous with.
“Great,” he said. “Now, lets go find your family, shall we?”
From the streets an engine purred, and a Porsche came flying.
The weight against Mitch’s shoulder turned heavier. He straightened his shoulders. Dale believed in him.
“Yes,” Mitch said. “Lets save my brothers.”

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