2022 Writing Update

It is a new year! I hope your celebrations have been a blast, and I wish for you all to have your perfect 2022.

To begin this post I will tell you all that I have some announcements, all regarding Flashes of Sanity going forward. And, well, then I tell you about the announcements

1. After experimenting with daily entries during 3 months in 2021 (July, November and December), I have concluded that I will try to make four entries every week for 2022. The schedule for these entries will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays.

2. The first 160-ish entries of Flashes of Sanity will be released as a book! Yepp, you read that right. The book will be edited for grammar and for continuity. Some entries (especially those in the beginning before I was sure about the scope of my stories) will see quite a lot of changes before being put in the book. The entries will remain unedited on this website for those who want to read them. The books will also contain entries that no one has ever seen before! You want to know what this book and the whole book series will be called? The series collecting my stories will be called Above Heaven, Below Hell, and the first book will be called Worlds Colliding! 😀

3. As a consequence of my previous point, Flashes of Sanity will change name during 2022 to Above Heaven Below Hell. The reason being, I cannot justify the flash fiction moniker anymore. This is a book series, and I share the unedited chapters as I write them.

I hope you like this changes going forward! And see you tomorrow with the first chapter of 2022!

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