Flashes of Sanity #164: Gravel

Welcome to Above Heaven, Below Hell! Previously called Flashes of Sanity. I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Today’s entry: Gravel


Gravel rolled under the wheels. Miko closed his eyes and listened to the sound all the way until the Porsche stopped.
“That was unnecessary,” said Dale Riderstorm beside him.
“With a car like this? Never.”
“You could have given away our position.”
“But I didn’t.” Miko pushed a button and the car doors opened.
Dale gave Miko one of those rolling your eyes at an idiot without rolling your eyes that only he was capable off. Or to be accurate, Mitch did it too, but he was Dale’s apprentice. The stare was probably essential when training to be the Reviewer.
Miko sighed.
They were idiots. Anyone who was that fascinated by every little detail was an idiot.
“We used to play space war here,” Mitch said. “Home is 500 yards that way.”
He halted just outside the car door.
“I hear Leo,” he said. “He is in the woods.”
Dale grabbed the collar of Mitch’s suit and pulled him down on the gravel. “And if you run to him both of you will be captured by your father. This is not the time for letting your feelings take control. Do you understand?”
“He is my brother!” The youngling pulled at his coat, but the master’s grip was to firm. What looked like a twist in Dale’s wrist threw Mitch to the ground.
“Do you understand?”
Miko rushed over to the two and put his weight on the boy’s legs.
Who is threatening to give away out position now? He thought. He kept the thought to himself.
Mitch stopped fighting the weight of his opponents. Some minutes afterwards his face also calmed and only the heavy breaths gave away the fight within his thoughts. Miko let himself loosen the grip on the skinny legs.
“Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Mitch answered. “I understand. Please, let me go.”
“Good. We will make our move tonight. Anything before that will only ruin our chances of getting your brothers out in their current state.”
Dale grabbed Mitch’s hand and pulled him up.
“Leo chops wood for the fire place,” he said. “Father always get drunk in front of the fire place. He will beat them before we get there either way.”
“Yes, but if we get there now without planning it correctly, he might kill one of them too. You don’t want that, do you?”
Miko felt his shoulders sink. Danger averted.
“How much ammunition do you need?”
“Hopefully, none, but to be safe, pack two clips for us each.”
“On it, boss!”
“My name is Dale, or Mr. Riderstorm, or the Reviewer. Not boss.”
The annoying frown on Dale’s face sounded through his voice. Miko smiled at the thought of it.
“Will try to remember it Mr. Riderstorm,” he said.
And forget it, he thought.

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