Flashes of Sanity #165: Criminal Begginings

Welcome to Above Heaven, Below Hell! Previously called Flashes of Sanity. I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Today’s entry: Criminal Beginning s


Donna searched the shop from top to bottom. It was as empty as the other ones. Only rats, and rat poop.
Was that all the city had become?
“We should get going,” Cat-scratch Bill said. “The city is not safe for a small gang like us.”
“You are right about that,” Brutal Joe said.
Donna ignored them. Who could be in the city? Who thrived among rats?
“Donna lets go.”
“Wait, I just want to check one more store.”
“Why it will be like this one, and the one before that, and the one before that.”
Joe nodded in agreement to his friend’s words. “It is a waste of time.”
“Who is it you are afraid of? All the gangs blew each other to pieces as soon as they realized they were immortal.”
“All gangs?” Joe shook his head in disbelief. “You are one lousy criminal if that is what you assume. There is always someone biding their time ready to strike when everyone else is down.”
Like me, Donna thought.
“Like who?” She asked.
The two thugs shrugged in unison.
“That’s the rule. There are always one more crook.”
Bill smiled. “Yep, there are always someone you can work for.”
“But I don’t want to work for anyone.”
“And that’s why we will escape the city.” Joe’s arm landed on Donna’s shoulders. “This in not safe for someone like you.”
“Someone like me?” Donna threw his arm of her. “Do you even know what I am capable of? Do you even understand what I have done? I am the mastermind behind this whole war.”
“Up until the immortal part,” Joe filled in.
“After that you got caught and tortured in a basement,” Bill continued.
“And I want revenge!” Donna felt her face heat up. “I want to make them all pay for ruining my plan.”
Her two newfound friends took one step back. They looked at each other.
“Well, we can’t die,” Bill said.
“You are right about that.” Joe turned to Donna. “So, what is your plan miss Sweet Sixteen Criminal Mastermind?”
“My plan?” Donna glanced at the rat poop.
Rats survive everything. She looked out through the window and saw a manhole cover. Rats are everywhere. She smiled. Rats live below.
“We will find who runs this town, and we will make them beg for their sad lives.”
“Just the three of us?”
“Yes, we will build our base above ground, and when the rats dare to come up, we will catch them one by one.”
Joe and Bill looked out at the manhole cover Donna saw. Her plan sank in behind their thick skulls, and they nodded.
“Yes, rats they must be,” Joe said. “Rats can lose.”
“I like the way you think, little girl.” Bill laughed. “Let’s get this party going.”

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