Flashes of Sanity #167: Post-Apocalyptical Officers

Welcome to Above Heaven, Below Hell! Previously called Flashes of Sanity. I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Today’s entry: Post-Apocalyptical Officers


Cassandra entered their old office. The windows were gone, the computers too.
We will have to sit on the floor during meetings like in kindergarten, she thought. It will have to do.
“Is this really a good idea?”
“Is anything a good idea at the moment, Aresh?”
That shut him up. At least for the moment.
“Paul. Kim. Could you make sure our office hasn’t gotten new guests.”
“What do we do if we find any?”
“Show them the badge. Hopefully, it will work.”
Cassandra walked up to the wall where they used to display details for the whole group to see. The screen had been ripped off.
“Do we have a blackboard or a whiteboard in the basement? Kara, could you check for me. Roger you go too.”
The holding cells at the back of the office were empty. That would change. They were all the prison they had access to nowadays and the thought of what hid in the real cells of prisons in times like these made Cassandra’s skin crawl.
“Do you really think those will hold anyone for long? I mean they are immortal. Someone will probably crush his head against the bars and squeeze through them.”
Cassandra sighed. “Yes, someone will probably do that unless we crush them like we did with the army at the square.”
“We will crush them?” The two wide hollows that was Aresh’s eyes stared at her.
“Like bugs and pile them on top of each other.”
“You got to be kidding me?”
Why should I joke about this?” The sudden outburst got Aresh jumping back as intended. “I want to take care of the crime in this city and I have only seen us succeed at one point since this hell started. Everything else has failed. Everything!”
Seven faces had their color disappear. Only four returned from the white before Cassandra continued.
“If you are not okay with it, you are free to continue outside of my task force.”
“I was not okay with it on the square,” Aresh said. His face was the last to return to color. It was also the first to turn red. “I will not be part of it again. I am leaving.”
“This sick,” he mumbled as he returned the same way they came.
“Anyone else who wants to run?” Cassandra felt her own face heat up. “Anyone?”
Raul Saref and Regina Julius turned their back at her without a word. Their steps echoed down the stairs.
The five remaining kept staring. Cassandra stared back.
“So, I guess we won’t have to clean the cells then?” Kim said.
“No.” Cassandra’s pulse fell back between the ribs where it was supposed be. “Let those devils rot in the dust.”

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