Flashes of Sanity #177: Sneak Peek


From 1st February Flashes of Sanity will change name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! Mark it in your calenders! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I would love to know my readers more! So, I’ll be having a question of the week from now on!

This weeks question: who is your favorite character in this little universe? Tell me in the comments! (It’s okay if there are more than one ;))

Today’s entry: Sneak Peek


It had been hours following one rat along the streets. One rat with little awareness about his surroundings.
“Come on, little rat. Show us your home.”
The rat looked over his shoulder, basically straight at Donna, but didn’t see a thing. He turned back to the brick wall, dipped his hand in the bucket and smeared the red into the same words he had written on the last three walls.
The rat hesitated, then he dipped a finger in the bucket and wrote ’or else’ with tiny letters under his previous statement. The rat giggled.
“Who is this Gift-Box?” Donna mumbled.
The two grunts beside her shrugged.
“Someone new,” Joe said.
“There is always someone new,” Bill agreed.
The rat looked to his right. His shoulders went up to his ears , and he ran in the opposite direction.
“Follow him.” The voice sent chills down Donna’s spine. “I want him to be able to talk.”
Of all the people, she thought. The next second, she saw the man in what was left of his flesh. Oesten.
“I thought everyone went down in the mayhem,” Donna said.
“Apparently, Oesten knew to keep his head down.”
Oesten scanned the writing on the wall.
“Gift-Box. What war are you planning?”
Oesten returned back to where he came from. His perfume still hang in the air. It covered the rot badly.
“Change of plans,” Donna said. “Iwant to take down some birds to the sewer first. Then, we take the rats.”
“And what are you planning to get from that?”

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