Flashes of Sanity #178: Holy Spies


From 1st February Flashes of Sanity will change name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! Mark it in your calenders! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I would love to know my readers more! So, I’ll be having a question of the week from now on!

This weeks question: who is your favorite character in this little universe? Tell me in the comments! (It’s okay if there are more than one ;))

Today’s entry: Holy Spies


Five winged creatures hit the surface. Each of them dressed in the blackest night. Each one of them hated it with every light in their bodies. The cold water swallowed their bodies. The crater they created at the bottom was big enough to swallow a ship, still the surface water had only reacted in small shivers to the sudden hit.
Blan was the first to stretch his thin neck out of the crater. He scanned the premises. Mort sighed in disbelief.
Just because you suddenly got a mission doesn’t mean you got recruited to the army, he thought. We are just the gun fodder if we get caught. And more light to feed the eternal fire.
Mort dusted his arms lights clean. The black didn’t disappear. It never did. Mort smacked Blan over the head. It made him feel a little better.
“It is that way, you idiot.” Mort pointed to the fire burning in the water not far away.
“I knew that.” Blan rubbed his head.
“Really? By all means then, continue looking lost.”
Now it feels better. Mort walked away with a smile. So much better.
Mort took direction for a rock just right of the cold fire. He scrapped his boot against the hard surface under the sand in front of the rock. He found the ring with his foot. Gron and Fulg grabbed on each side of the ring and twisted it. Mort grabbed the ring and together they all five pulled the trap door up from the bottom. They threw it up into the water and jumped down before it came falling down.
The cold white fires licked at Mort’s suit. He reached for the flames, but they turned away from his touch and took on a shade of blue.
The five angels pushed forward until they reached the dock. Astu swam up. He came down with three fingers in the air moving in circles. Mort counted the weconds for each circle.
Mort glanced at Blan who raised his own index finger and stopped himself from shaking his head. He raised his own hand with two fingers showing. Gron showed three. Blan disappeared. A body sank down below their feet. Mort flew up. His knife cut through a throat and another body sunk down the fires. The knife went back into its hilt. Mort disappeared into the shadows.

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