Above Heaven, Below Hell #181: Journeying Soul


Flashes of Sanity has changed name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

This week’s question for all you readers: What was your favorite episode/entry?

Today’s entry: Journeying Soul


Isa glanced out from the cell. The screams from the daily raid had subsided. Only the sobs remained. He made his way through the hallway with iron bars and heads colored red from fire on every side.
“Why?” The same cries echoed in every cell he passed as every minute of the eternal hell.
He passed the cell where a mother mourned her children.
“You could have just told me and nothing of this would have happened!”
Isa felt his spine turn to ice. A bottle crashed against the floor.
“You could have spared us all this pain. But no, you had to go behind my back. Everyone’s back.”
Isa took as step back and pushed his back against the stone. He stretched his head out and looked in between the bars. The devil had his fist pushed against the wall. He grabbed his horns and pulled at them.
“If you had just been a little less egocentric, we could have had them all with us.”
The woman laid on the floor. She covered her head. A trickle of red wandered from her mouth to the dark stone. The man grabbed her hair. He pulled her up and forced her to look into his charring eyes.
“Are you listening to me? You could have saved us all!”
He threw her to the ground. Her cries turned loud just to choke on her breath.
“You are so fucking pathetic.” One hoof hit her ribs. She moaned.
Isa pressed harder against the stone, but the man never looked his direction.
“Pathetic.” Another bottle found its way to the man’s lips.
The tension ran of Isa’s shoulders. A bullet dodged. And another day among the lost souls. He continued down the hallway, but his feet locked on the stone at the sound of the sobs behind the bars.
“You killed them,” she wimped. “You and your friends killed them.”
Isa sighed. “Fuck.”
He turned around. He walked into the cell on easy steps. He put his hand on her head. She flinched as the cold met the hot. When her eyes saw Isa’s, she fell down to the floor and Isa caressed the back of her head.
“Yes,” Isa said. “That bastard killed them.”

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