Above Heaven, Below Hell #182: Debating Online


Flashes of Sanity has changed name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

This week’s question for all you lovely readers: What was your favorite episode/entry? Answer in the comments!

Today’s entry: Debating Online


“We were a country at the brink of destruction, and as such a country, we took the only precaution that could prove fruitful in ending a situation that could prove dire.”
Susanne stared straight at the camera. Behind it a screen showed the attendees in perfect squares. Every face was polished to perfection and every jacket was pressed according every rule in the handbook. The head of the United Nations’ Sam Piper opened his mouth. Susanne’s heart skipped a beat.
“And you found it appropriate to call Mr. Sloptokov and,” Sam looked down on his notes, “declare war on their fucking asses.”
Susanne glanced at Marge. The woman grimaced as if she had been punched in the stomach.
“Well,” Susanne moistened her lips, “in a less stressed situation a more suitable language had been used.”
“You do not deny this declaration of war.” Sloptokov’s face lit up on the screen.
Was that even an option? Susanne kept her face still. Probably not.
“No. At the point of the call, an attack against our country was the only measure capable of ending our situation.” Susanne felt herself weigh every word before uttering them. She hoped the camera didn’t catch it. “The situation is now under control. The aid came from elsewhere.”
“Said aid destroyed my best aircrafts, and killed my best pilots.” Sloptokov leaned closer to the camera. “You forced my hand. I cannot look past such erroneous behavior.”
“The dragon was outside our control. Send my condolences to the families. Once we get back on track, I will make sure the United States of America pays its respect to the fallen.”
A smile played on Marge’s lips. Sloptokov threw himself back into his chair. The face was red. He couldn’t say why. Not here.
“I cannot accept the apology. I deny your request of withdrawing the declaration of war.”
Susanne sat firm in her chair. Marge had prepared her for Sloptokov’’s statement. It didn’t matter, the UN’s stance mattered greatly though.
“I am sorry to hear that. What do the United Nations make of our situation?”
All faces except Sloptokov’s looked away from Susanne. Eager discussions continued with muted speakers. Buttons were pressed. Sam Piper looked at his screen.
“The United Nations do not want a war,” he said. “We find you situation concerning, though, Mrs. Queen. You country has been destabilized, and every day will prove dangerous to the world. Mrs. Queen. Mr. Sloptokov. At this point, The United Nations supports the withdrawal.”
“Thank you, Mr. Piper.” Susanne held back a sigh.
“Fine,” Sloptokov said. “At this time, we stay out of war. But at any sign of further destabilization, we will be ready.”
“We understand that,” Susanne said. “I assure you it won’t be necessary.”
The screen blackened. Susanne let her self sink down into her chair.
“You did great,” Marge said. “What do you say? Shall I bring in Dina?”
“Please,” Susanne said and closed her eyes. “I really need her now.”

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