Above Heaven, Below Hell #183: Building Bonds


Flashes of Sanity has changed name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

This week’s question for all you lovely readers: What was your favorite episode/entry? Answer in the comments!

Today’s entry: Building Bonds


Dawson put another log on the fire. The flames fled from the sudden intruder just to swallow it in its heat the next second. The pillar of smoke rose above the tree tops. Above the trees it joined the big cloud. Dawson admired its massive body. The anger thundered inside the grey.
“Did you find them?”
The cloud answered with a screech.
Dawson pushed at his ear piece and vibrations stopped.
“Yes, Mrs. President.”
“Dawson, how is the army growing?”
A branch broke among the bushes. Faces appeared in the green.
“It is growing alright!” Dawson smiled. “Just as you wished.”
“Good! How much longer do you need?”
“Just a day, nothing more. The army will be more than you could ever hope for.”
Mrs. Queen gave him one of her silent approvals.
“I will be in touch,” she said and her voice died off in white noise.
“I will too,” Dawson mumbled. He turned to the hunters and witches
“Viper! Glen! It has been to long since I saw your face! Where is Craven?”
“We got him right here.” Viper pointed to his backpack. “The ogres tore him into pieces.”
“Yes, the ogres.” Dawson said and reminded himself of the craziness within the three heads. It was still less than most rogues free from the toxic programming. “Put him to the fire and let him join our dragon.”
Viper glanced at the cloud. His grin was toothless and red.
“Aye, he always loved the fire.”
The backpack broke into black flakes. The meat fizzed. The smoke went from white to grey. The cloud screeched as the grey pillar joined.
“Welcome Craven,” Dawson said.
In the bushes another branch broke and countless new faces joined the masses around the fire.
“When will we attack?” They asked.
“In just a few days,” Dawson answered. “Just a few days.”

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