Above Heaven, Below Hell #184: Captivating Minds


Flashes of Sanity has changed name to Above Heaven, Below Hell! I am changeing the name because it is not flash fiction. It is a whole story with chapters!!

Four times a week, a chapter of 500 words or less will be published. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

This week’s question for all you lovely readers: What was your favorite episode/entry? Answer in the comments!

Today’s entry: Captivating Minds


Xander Bylix leaned back into his chair. Greed had destroyed what once was the office. It had destroyed what once was the production unit too.
Greed had felt good.
“Show me the records,” he said.
“Yes, Doctor Bylix.” The computer answered from the ceiling.
“And Jane.”
“Yes, doctor Bylix.”
“Activate Cockroach.”
“Yes, doctor Bylix.” The screen on Xander’s desk showed line after line of products. The hunters, the witches, the princess, the princesses, and their buyers. Everyone was listed.
Xander filtered the list on hunters and witches no longer active due to unforeseen circumstances. That meant rogue once. The list shortened. The list disappointed.
“Too much effort.”
Princess and princesses was the next filter. Celebrities and higher-ups filled the rightest column. All names not applicable, some could prove important. Xander repeated them. He placed them in the mansion of rooms inside his head. For safety. Lastly, he let his thoughts return to the room of all codes used for his products. He found it on a chair next to a table called ‘Killer ants can also die.”.
‘’Blooming chimneys. Quit session.’”
The screen went black. Cander looked out to the wall.
Somewhere there is the red monster, he thought. I want it back.
“Jane, any news about the cloud.”
“The air force has contained it.”
Xander’s hearth sank. The chance of getting it back was slim.
“Who is the president now?”
“Current records state Charles Gool as the president of United States of America. Rumors claim that is untrue.”
“Update me when more information is available.”
“I will do. Satelliteshas caught an other cloud above the westway woods. Do you want to gather more data.”
“Please do. Run structural analysis and compare to subject C-01.”
The went quiet. Xander moved gis tongue along the roof of his mouth. The taste of power still lived there, even though it came from another body.
“I will have you back,” he said and left what once was his office. “I will have it all back.”

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