500 Words – Entry 10: Decades

It is already ten entries in my self made challenge, To be honest I was unsure if I would make it this far but here we are.

To celebrate I made a story weaving ten sentences and ten decades of life into one story. A challenge to celebrate a milestone in my 500 words challenge.


To a world you were born and in its flow you grew strong.
You journeyed through undiscovered mazes blossoming under your every step.
You learned the secrets and the endlessness in your comforting world shrunk.
All the endings and all the stories left untold left turned real behind every corner.
And mortality of life and the fragility of its shell burdened your thoughts.
Yet you found a new surge in the repeating nature of life’s endless cycle.
You found appreciation for the gifts given and the lessons taught.
The constant stream grew less gruesome and a legacy in the waters calmed the storm.
And even in loneliness your spirit remained strong.
You journey became your pride and your story carried on in generations to come.

© David Johansson 2020

Thoughts of a Delusional Dude (ToDD): Ep1 – Kicks and butts

I am starting something new here on my blog. Thoughts of a delusional dude (ToDD for short, the ‘a’ is silent). It is just me writing what I think in that moment about writing, personal productivity, parenthood, and all in between. ToDD won’t follow any specific schedule some weeks it will be out some it won’t.

For me imagination has always been a part of who I am. Given time alone, I just tend to wander into my own worlds and build stories. A part of my bedtime routine growing up was to imagine a world where I was a hero (I even brought weapons/sticks to those imagined heroic adventures, without my parents knowing off course). So that being said, somewhere I always knew that part of my future would involve storytelling. My brain just seemed wired for it.

This part of myself was for the longest time suppressed due to factors I believe most of us live through while growing up. We want to fit in. We want to do what is the “right” thing to do. Etc. So I finished school and applied to university. My skills in more practical niches are lets say limited (I like cooking though. Most people tend to tell me that cooking is best served as a hobby). I finished university and got a good job. The perfect story.

The thing is… When you are one of these individuals with brain bursting ideas at any sign of boredom you have two alternatives.

  1. What I tried in the beginning of my life. Suppress all the ideas and go crazy. You will fit in perfectly in society though.
  2. Let those ideas come to life.

The kick in the butt I needed was to see someone succeed before I realized what had to be done. One day my mother called me and said;

“You know that close relative of mine, you know her right? (We now all our relatives where I come from) Apparently she writes novels, and you know what? She is getting published.”

That short phone call awoke some cogs in a dormant part of my brain and a faint thought surfaced.

If she can, then maybe I can too.

That was the starting point to my so far 5+ years of writing and I have to tell you… It feels great to get those ideas on paper. It is actually kind of addictive. And now a life without writing feels wrong (not empty. I got kids, life is never empty with kids).

What was you kick in the butt?

Until next time, be safe and keep the distance.

Your delusional dude

500 Words – Entry 9: Neurons

Time for one more story 500 words or less.
Entry 9: Neurons. This story is about a battle between the brain and the thoughts bombarding it every day.

Remember folks, always take care of yourself. Don’t let some bad turns decide your whole life. Take control over who you are and what you want to be.

Now to the story.


Tired. I am so, so tired.
No, no, no
A wave.
Please don’t

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s all my fault.

Too much.
Let me rest.

I am useless after all.

Don’t cry.
We are good. We have always been good
Lay down.

The phone.

Rest in the silence. Rest in the calm

Maybe it’s him.

Hope. Don’t let it destroy you

Maybe it’s someone

We don’t need to know.
Please just let it be.
Please save us.

No one wants me anyway. No one likes me.


I am worthless after all

Rest. Just rest.

No one will even notice if I disappear.

Don’t hate. Please don’t hate.

No one will miss me…

Believe in yourself.

No one would even care.



4 Page Comic – Jim Hugger and The Artifact

Hi all,
I tried to write a 4 Page Comic script a while ago. It’s a mix of a space (or extra dimensional to be correct) adventure and comedy.

And well now I am posting it here.

I’m always open to feedback.


Jim Hugger and the Artifact


A panel of Jim Hugger standing in front of an oval portal. The inside of the portal is swirling with some blueish liquid. He wears tight suit (think spandex or the suit you see motorcycle racers wear) covering his whole body. On his left chest we see a globe -like symbol. His face is visible through a plastic window in the equally tight helm.


Actually, it is Jim Hugger, but something tells me these guys don’t really care.

An army of wolf heads looking at the reader. Their bodies are round like a ball and they stand on two feet. We only see them from the shoulders up. The pack leader stands closer than the rest. When the pack leader talks it comes from his belly (off panel).

Greetings Bim. What brings you to our realm.

Picture from the side. On the left we see the pack leader with his flock behind him. On the Pack leader and the flock’s belly we see a big mouth forming. They smile. On the right we see Jim Hugger with the portal behind him. Jim Hugger looks down at the belly.

That’s just creepier than spaghetti coming to life mid-meal.

JIM HUGGER:I’m searching for an artifact of personal value that might have found its way to your beautiful realm.

A picture of the Pack leader’s full body. The pack leader smiles gruesomely and rubs his hands against each other (which are above his face because his face is on his belly).

PACK LEADER:Beautiful?

A zoomed out image of the floating rock this scene takes place on. Except for the pack and Jim Hugger the floating rock is filled with corpses of different shapes (some are even human like). In the vast space around the floating rock there are other similar rocks floating around in the emptiness.

PACK LEADER:We don’t do beautiful here.

ART NOTE: Panel 3 is positioned in the top left corner of Panel 5. Panel 4 is positioned in the top right corner of Panel 5. Panel 6 is positioned in the lower left corner of Panel 5. Panel 7 is positioned in the right lower corner of Panel 5.
Picture from behind Jim Hugger. The pack leader looks over Jim Hugger’s shoulder (or because their faces are so far down, he actually looks beside Jim). Jim looks back. He looks clueless.

PACK LEADER:Did your said artifact come from that shimmering door you came from?

Play it cool


Jim scratches the back of his head. He smiles and looks as innocent as a guilty person person with no poker face can look.

JIM HUGGER:You mean that weird thing behind me, never seen it before in my entire life.

Nailed it!

Panel 3 is positioned in the top left corner of Panel 5. A zoom in on the pack leader’s face. Only the face.

PACK LEADER:You’re a terrible liar Bim. Even for an E.G.O. abomination.

Panel 4 is positioned in the top right corner of Panel 5. A zoom in on Jim Hugger’s face.

JIM HUGGER:I prefer Extradimensional Guardian of Order.

Panel 3 is positioned in the top left corner of Panel 5. Panel 4 is positioned in the top right corner of Panel 5. Panel 6 is positioned in the lower left corner of Panel 5. Panel 7 is positioned in the right lower corner of Panel 5.
We see the whole pack rubbing their hands. The pack leader is seen the clearest and from the rest we mostly see smiles and small glimmering eyes.

PACK LEADER:We prefer to call you appetizer for whatever hides behind that door.

Panel 6 is positioned in the lower left corner of Panel 5. A close-up of the pack leader with his wolf head shot of (you see the shoulders and the blood gushing out from the “neck”.


Panel 7 is positioned in the right lower corner of Panel 5. A close-up of Jim Hugger pointing a gun at the reader. His right eye brow is raised in a confused look.


Sooo not the brain.

Jim Hugger jumps on top of the pack leader. He directs his gun towards the globe-like body and fires rapidly. With his free hand he pulls out another gun.

Guess two


Jim Hugger flies above the next wolf/monster in the pack in a somersault all while continuing to shoot the next wolf/monster and the pack leader. The pack leader laughs as the rounds flies through his body.

JIM HUGGER:Where is your brain?

PACK LEADER:Ha ha! We have no brain.

Jim Hugger lands. He slams his elbow into the eyes of the wolf/monster behind him.

JIM HUGGER:Those words make me happier than when I realized Santa is real.


The Pack leader attacks Jim Hugger with his clawed fists. Jim Hugger shots one to the right of him while dodging the Pack leader’s fists by leaning backwards. While leaning backwards he sees something yellow on the ground. The wolf/monster hit by the bullet splashes into tissue and blood.

PACK LEADER:You sound like an idiot

JIM HUGGER:Says the one without a brai…

Jim Hugger supports himself on his hands (the guns are still in his hands) while throwing his body over his head. Jim’s right hand is where the yellow artifact was. The pack leader is thrown over Jim when Jim grabs him with his feet.


Jim runs towards the portal. He shots at everything coming close to him and everything hit by bullet explodes.

JIM HUGGER:I’m sorry to leave early, but you know duty calls.

Jim Hugger throws himself at the gate and turns 180 degrees mid-air to continue the fire at his enemies

No Dialogue

Jim Hugger flies out of the door into a cozy living room. He pushes a button on pedestal right in front of the portal.

No Dialogue

Jim Hugger holds his tight helm in his hands. He shouts out with a smile. Behind him we see the portal closing and the Pack leader screaming in fury.

JIM HUGGER:Tina, I’m back.

PACK LEADER:I’ll find you Bim. I will kill you!

Tina Hugger comes flying into the living room through a door at the end of the living room. She is pissed. Little Simon Hugger hangs in his mother’s arms. Simon looks at his mother with wide eyes.

TINA HUGGER:Where have you been?!

Close-up of Jim’s and Tina’s face. Jim smiles between them he holds up a yellow pacifier. Simon Hugger hangs in between them stretching his arms for the pacifier. Tina scream and looks furious at Jim.

JIM HUGGER:I was looking for the pacifier.

TINA HUGGER:I told you it was a total waste of time!

JIM HUGGER:You said I did not have to, and I extrapolated.

Tina Hugger throws Simon into Jim’s arms. Simon grabs the pacifier from his father with a gleeful smile.

TINA HUGGER:You’re impossible Jim!

JIM HUGGER:I love you too honey.


Jim Hugger holding Simon Hugger in his arms while the child happily suckles the pacifier. Simon caresses Simon’s cheek.


JIM HUGGER:Don’t you think so Simon? Mommy loves daddy very much.

© David Johansson 2020

500 Words – Entry 8: Cupid

Welcome to my eigth entry in my 500 words challenge, Cupid


He shoots, again, and again, and again
He hits, every time. He has always done.
He is the best at his cause. He has always been.
Another arrow
Another hit
Another broken heart
History always repeats the same patterns
Boy meets girl
Boy falls in love
An arrow hits
Girl falls in love
Boy gets bored
Another wasted arrow
Another wasted love
Boy falls in love
Cupid tears another arrow out of his soul
He is tired, he has been for a long time
He shoots, he hits
She falls, Cupid does too
A heart gets broken
Cupid crawls up on crocked knees, he flies on torn wings
He searches, he finds it
the last arrow leaves his bow
He never sees it hit, it never did
He falls
Boy gets rejected, that has never happened before
Cupid’s breaths turn cold
They turn slow
The body of a Cupid crumbles in the clouds

The Frontline #4 – A cave below

Script Issue 4 of The Frontline is finished and up in my project page! This was the most difficult issue to write this far.

After the turmoil in issue 3 will they survive. Well read The Frontline #4 to find out that and so much more.

Are you wondering what have happened and who is so deadly injured feel free to read the previous issues. They are all up on my project page (or just press the buttons below to be directed to the right issue)

500 words – Entry 7: Michael Snaps

The seventh entry for my 500 words challenge: Michael Snaps. This is more back to basics in comparison to Entry 6: A cubic sunset.


Michael Snaps knows a lot. He knows all bugs known to science. He knows known animals walking our earth and known creatures inhabiting the sea. He knows every cloud structure and what they mean. He knows all the planets known to man. He knows all the stars. He knows the theories shaping space as we know it.
He updates himself daily.
Michael Snaps knows the signs of the town. He knows the addresses by heart. He knows all the cars driving through the city. He knows the owners. He knows all their jobs.
Michael Snaps knows how to tie a tie. He knows where to find a shirt in the store. He knows his size, so he never has to undress in public.
Michael Snaps knows how his bowel movements. He knows how much water to drink to avoid unnecessary pee breaks.
Michael Snaps remembers everything. He remembers the signs of a stroke. He remembered how to call an ambulance. He remembered to show the doctors in. He remembered to offer them a drink and show them the toilet.
Michael Snaps learns new things every day. He learned how to arrange a funeral. He learned about a sadness he never experienced before.
Michael snaps had to learn the heavy words.
“Bye mom.”
Michael Snaps had to learn the sad confirmation.
“I am sorry for your loss.”
There was a lot Michael Snaps never done before. He had never been alone for this long before. He had never made a meal before. He had never bought food before. He had never gone to bed without hearing her soft voice.
“Good night, Michael.”
Michael Snaps did not know how to be without her.

500 Words – Entry 6: A cubic sunset

My fifth entry in the 500 words challenge. I went for weird and crazy this time. And… yeah… it turned crazy all right. And weird. It twisted a little bit into horror too.

A warning: The theme might not be for everyone.


You know what the best sunset is? A cubic one!
My grand father used to laugh at his joke for hours .
I never understood it. I still don’t. A cubic sunset makes no sense.
A pyramidical sunset is way more beautiful. Like, just look at it.
How it rotates.
The edges.
Ah. Now we’re talking.
A pyramidical sunset, that’s something worthy of a wank.
A long wonderful, fulfilling wank.
And then you sip some wine in its shine.
Can you do that to a cubic sunset?
It’s impossible.
A cubic sunset is not even attractive.
I heard some like spherical sunsets. Have you tried to wank to a spherical sunset.
Those curves…
That shine…
Those people are psychopaths, I tell you. I hated myself so much for trying, I had to direct all the self hate somewhere.
You got that right! That’s why I did it. I wanked to a spherical sunset and in anger of my own misstep I wrecked the place. I even tried to throw something at the sunset.
A hammer, I think it was. On that, even that I gotta admit I acted irrationally. You can’t hurt a sunset. But the things we do in anger…
Yeah, it hit someone, but I can’t be blamed for people randomly staring at me.
Probably a rhombical sunset wanker, if you catch my drift.
At least he smelt like one.
He tasted like one too.
The cop tasted better. I tell you that much. That was a man of class. It was a cop who wanks to pyramidical sunsets, I tell you that. Just ask him.
Ask him, I tell you! He will confess.
Oh come on, just ask him.
Why are you leaving?
Another bunch of rhombical sunset wankers.

500 words – Entry 5: Twinkle, twinkle

The fifth entry on my 500 words challenge. This time I make my own twist on “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. It turned out sadder than I originaly wanted it to be but at the same time it became so much more beautiful than I imagined it to be.


Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I fill my heart
No matter the path you take,
in my heart you always stay
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I fill my heart

Run again my breath of life
climb the hills and play til’ dawn
Grow big, grow old, grow so strong
find your joy on the road
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your smiles I fill my heart

One more beat my little heart
Without you I’d lose it all
Fight for future, fight for life
Fight until the morning light
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your shine I fill my heart

Rest in peace my brightest spark
With your laughs I filled my heart
Whatever path your steps may take
in my heart you always stay
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I filled my heart