500 Words – Entry 24: – Back to the Valley

500 Words – Entry 24!
The story: Back to the Valley!


Cole never wanted to return home. Not ever. There was too much history hidden under the dirt. Too many bad memories.

But yet here we are, he thought to himself and looked out over the valley. The trees grew thick and strong for as long as he could see. Below all the leaves and branches countless cabins hid from a world moving too fast. It was a place where times never changed.

He walked slowly on stumbling feet over a seemingly endless source of roots. With each tree he passed, he felt new eyes lock on him.

So, the lost boy decides to come home, a rough voice broke through the wilderness. In an instant hundreds of faces turned visible against the green. Among them one with wrinkles carved from one storm too many.

You know why I am here father, Cole shouted into the faces.

All too well son, the wrinkled man said as he approached Cole. You are here to show your new toys, and to take what the outside does not deserve. He touched Cole’s dark suit. How can you even wear this filth Kale?

It is called a suit father, Cole corrected the expensive fabric. Everyone wears it.

His father sighed. Everyone but not elves. Your desire for the outer world always baffled me, Kale. What can they give you that we cannot?

It is Cole, father. You know that. Anger boiled inside Cole just as the last time his feet stepped on these roots. And you also know what they can give me.

Yes, you told me. Cole’s father looked back at the army in the trees. You told all of us.

Cole took a deep breath and remained still as countless eyes scanned him.

We see the fire on your chest son. Not even the thickest of human coats can hide such horrors from us. The old man caressed the hard surface on Cole’s chest. I hoped for you to come to your senses.

Cole reached into his pocket and grabbed a small remote. Just touching it gave him courage.

Cole’s father gave him sad look. You are after all my son. In these woods lives your brothers and sisters. I hoped for you to spare us.

Cole laughed. You are so pathetic father. Do you really believe I would want to spare your kind?

Our kind Kale, the old man reached for his son’s shoulder.

Cole grabbed the gentle hand. He twisted it and threw the old man to the ground. The old man screamed. In the trees the faces jumped down. They all attacked the man who once was their brother.

A disgrace is what you are, Cole whispered into his father’s ear, he turned to the army and screamed. Do you hear me? You are all a disgrace.

The army flooded his body. Some dragged the elder to safety.

Then under all the screams and all the panic there was click, and the valley turned to fire.

500 Words – Entry 23: Tick Tock

Surprise! I had a little december-feeling. So we are getting an extra entry.
Entry 23: Tick Tock

Tick tock.
The arms wander its loud predetermined route. A man cries on a chair. He has done so since he woke up.
“Lets do this one more time, Nick.” A man beside him murmurs. In his hands a wet cloth hangs. “Tell me where the stones are.”
Drip drop.
“I don’t know.” Nick says. “Please, I don’t know.”
The man sighs. “Why are you lying to me Nick?”
“I am not ly…” Nick’s word disappears as a hand suddenly cuts of his air flow.
“This game was fun at the start Nick, but this ends NOW!”
A sharp pain strikes Nick’s leg. Nick screams just to have his head pulled back by the hair.
“Sssssh. There is no point in screaming. No one hears you. Not anymore…”
“No.” The burst of panic sidelined the pain in his leg. “You didn’t…”
“Yeah you are right.” The man pulls the knife out of Nick’s leg. This time Nick holds his screams back. ”Sam on the other hand was little less patient.”
The man snaps his fingers and the back door open. Nick fears what he now will have to see. The faces, the bodies. They were his friends. The grip on Nick’s hair harden he is forced to look in the door’s direction.
There were no faces. They were all burned away.
“I tried to stop him.” The man wanders across the room. He kicks one of the tiny hands further and it rolls away from the bodies. “But Sam got a little too excited. I guess that’s what happens when you hire murderers.” He sighs again.
Nick scans the bodies. Unrecognizable. Only a ring identifies one of them.
“She is my wife.” Nick’s eyes tear up.
“Was is more correct, I would say.” The man sits down by the chair again. “So please tell me where are the power-stones.”
With the burnt bodies still smoking in front of him, Nick looks at the smiling man. “You will kill everyone. Why would I give them to you.”
“Now you admit that you know where they are.” Another sigh and the man picks up the cloth. “Igor can you please turn on the water. And bring some needles. Order us some pizza too. This night we will get the answer! And music. How about some rock ballads. No, I know what you will love.”
Nick takes a deep breath. He looked up at the ceiling. He tries to not think of his family laying dead on the floor. From the old CD-player a man begins to sing. Nick new the song. It was a classic.
“You better watch out. You better not cry.”

500 Words – Entry 22: Bedtime

It is finally wednesday! 500 words one short story for you to read! This time I went for cosy and cute with the story bedtime. A little talk between father and son.


”No!” The boy hid his charcoal hair under his pillow. “They told me a bogeyman will come after me when I go to bed!”
“They did?” His father sighed from the bed side. “The bogeyman is only a fairytale. Nothing about him is real.”
“It sure is!” The tiny fists tightened around the pillow and the boy pressed it harder against the back of his head. “That is why I have nightmares. The bogeyman comes for me at night and eats my brain!”
A smile played on the father’s lips. “He eats your brain, huh? Like it was a bowl and he has a fancy spoon?”
The boy let go of the pillow and gave his father a sharp look. “No…” The boy said. “Off course not. He uses magic.”
“Did they tell you how he uses his magic?” The father laid down beside his son prepared for a long night.
“No… “ the child looked down into the pillow which still carried his face. “But I bet it some dark kind.”
“I would think so too.” The dad caressed his sons cheek. “But where there is darkness there is light. All you have to do is use the light inside you and the bogeyman can never get near you.“
“But how do I do that?” The little Child wept.
His dad picked a plush lion from the wall at the foot end. “It is easy!” He said. “You pick a warrior and you imagine a shining armor for it. You imagine the chest plate and the helm, and the shield it wields against all things dark. Then you imagine its sword, the mighty dragon slayer of old with a blade still sharp enough to cut through the thickest tree as if it was no more than a leaf.”
The child’s forehead wrinkled as he scanned the lion from foot to mane. Before his eyes the lion turned into the mighty Leonard slaughter of demons.
“It glows!” The child cheered in relief.
“It sure does. Now all you have to do is tuck it close to your heart and listen at its protective roar. No Nightmares or bogeymen dares to come close to such a fierce warrior.”
With a final soft kiss on his forehead the little boy crept down under the blanket and fell asleep with a smile.
“Good night.” His father sighed. “Sleep tight.”
The father took the lion from his son’s loving hug. “And you Leonard the mighty… “ He smiled. “I bet you taste delicious.” He unhinged his jaw and swallowed the plush whole. He giggled. He whistled.
“Little child sleep so tight.” He sang. “Let your light become mine. Let me have all your dreams. Let your hope be my delight.”
He exits the house and wanders down The dark Street. He laughs.

500 Words – Entry 21: A flower

Wednesday. A short story of less than 500 words. Entry 21, five entries away from my goal. This feels huge. This story is called a flower, a little sad.


The meadow crunched under his feet.

You must be crazy! She had said it every year. Her laugh had flowed in a sparkling river every time.

You are the crazy one, he whispered, do you really think I would not take the moment to celebrate something so important.

It was a dance they had enjoyed every year, a dance he longed for as soon as it passed.

The tiniest flower held on to the warmth in its heart to stay alive in the harsh cold. It was the last survivor before winter clawed away all that was green and all that was happy.

You are strong, the man murmured. When all else gives up, you fight on. When all else fades away your shine rise above. You are beautiful. You are true. Just like her.

He dug up the tiny flower and followed the path back. He held the flower in his hands and pressed it close to his heart. The path ended in a long line of rocks. The engravings told of people known and unknown. He planted the little plant in front of one of the rocks, right beside a ceramic pidgeon.

You are the crazy one, he teared up. We are stronger than this. We are the flowers clinging on in the cold. Nothing can break us. Not even this.

He put his hand on the rock. He kissed its edge.

I will see you soon. Our waiting will soon be over. Happy anniversery.

500 Words – Entry 20: The first time

Entry 20! So close to my goal now. And I am really getting into the routine of writing contuously. Entry 20 goes into the horror spectrum, but just a little.


Somehow the first time is the hardest.
Like the first time you ride a bike, the first time you make love, the first time you shoot, the first time you kill…
Well, Ken still convinced himself about the last two.
Shooting a person to kill was very hard the first time.
The second time… Yeah, the trigger was still heavy.
Why did the world have to end during my life time? Ken thought and pressed his hand harder around the gun. 
The girl laughed. “is Mr. Man-of-the-house not up for the task?”
Why was she so young?
“Missing you little girl, aren’t we?” The fierce fire in her eye erupted in flames. “You think I can be like her?” The girl pushed herself up on her elbows. “You know what I did your baby girl?”
“STAY DOWN!” Ken screamed.
The girl froze, then she smiled. “I tied her up real good. She cried. I think she called for you” Her voice went into the high pitch of a little girl. “Daddy, where are you?” She stared at Ken and pushed herself up on her hands. “Her tongue tasted amazing. I just had to take on more bite.” She shivered. “Blood and tears really are the best seasoning.”
She laughed a shrieking laugh. “I bet her father tastes even better.”
Suddenly she was in the air. Her hands stretched towards him in human claws. The crazy depth in her eyes came closer.
Ken shot. Again. And again. He shot until only blood remained of the girl who once visited his house ever so often. That was the second friend to his daughter he killed today. It would not be the last.
A new laughter bounced against the walls.
Ken reloaded.
The first two times are the hardest, he thought to himself. They have to be.

500 Words – Entry 19: Mort and Bilk

I am in a mood. I am sorry for that. But well this story made me giggle and it released some steam,
Let me introduce two winged creatures. Mort and Bilk. These two always has something important to say.


Hey Bilk, have you heard the latest news? A grey old man stretched his wings far and wide showcasing his magnificence. He yawned. Apparently, they blame it all on these humans now again.
A second old man with his dark hair still showing no sign of giving up scanned the two wings. He puffed his pipe with a groan.
Please stop that Mort, he said, if you have to strech them. At least wash them every now and then. The bird shit must have grown into them by now.
Little grumpy today, are we? Mort sat down beside his friend. You know they shut down my water last week. He chugged remaining brown liqour from a bottle. I am lucky to still have somewhere to live.
They shut down all water last week, you idiot. At least you can have decency to go down to the water like the rest of us.
Wash myself in a pond, like our ancestors? Mort threw his bottle to the ground. No! If I go down, I will go down like the father who fell in love. Not like his miserable love interest.
You know that’s a myth right, Bilk looked up from the clouds bolming out of his mouth.
Mort shrugged. Who cares? We are human, we have wings. And you know what? From what I have seen from those idiots, one of them banging a pidgeon doesn’t feel so farfetched.
Bilk sighed and shook his head. Yeah, you are probably right about that one. So how have the bastards wronged us this time?
Wronged us? Mort asked as he removed something from one of his feathers. Oh, yeah that. Apparently, the big guy sent down a new plague to unite the man across his wonderful world. You know to bring in prayers, which brings in the big bucks, which saves the world. Standard stuff.
That sounds like the big guy’s reasoning. Once again Bilk filled his lungs with smoke.
Yeah exactly, and you know what the humans did?
Let me guess, smoke was release in a cloud big enough to swallow Bilk’s head. Something stupid.
Better up, they don’t care. Life as usual. Some even call it a concpiracy. Hah! Some even say the lord all mighty have a plan that will spare them.
Bilk looked up from his pipe, then he laughed a harsh rasping laugh. Oh, God I needed that. They haven’t been paying attention, have they?
Nope, not even the slightest. Mort leaned back on the bench. He caught something on his wing and wiped it away with his sleeve. So, what do you say? Should we head to the pub?
How come it took you so long to ask a so important question. Bilk grabbed his friend’s shoulder. Come on! Lets get pissed.

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500 Words – Entry 17: A new future

Continuing on the theme on the last entry. The theme has become some what more important to me as time passes by.

Hope you enjoy this entry!

A new future

They are asleep now, he thinks. My futures. He walks the room back and fourth. The tiniest of compartments for the largest of life.
The magnitude of it still felt beyond what he ever could comprehend.
The baby sighed in a sleep that could be over at any given second.
The first time father sat down next to them. He did not feel like a father yet.
Will I ever? He thought as he caressed the soft cheek.
How can you even exist?
How can I ever be what you need? I am not even what I need myself to be.
The baby’s hand found his finger and tightened around it. The baby sighed again.
The screen above the bed lit up with the latest results.
They are healthy, he thought as his eyes scanned the numbers.

‘A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.’

Below the encouraging slogan a line of products lined up. The top seller flashed green against the white background.
He bought two.
He looked down at the futures once again.
I will be what you need. At least I must try.

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500 Words – Entry 16: A new beginning

Wait is it wednesday already? Alright then! Lets get us through the middle of the week with a short story. This one and entry 17 will follow kind of theme. I don’t it will be to hard to spot what the theme is.


It has been hours, she thought, can’t we just go home and forget all about it. We set the everything on paus and continue again tomorrow.
“You’re close now Carol” The metallic voice between her legs said.
Her husband took her hand. “You can do this.” He said. “You are strong.”
No, she wanted to scream in his face. You don’t know how strong I am. But the words did not find their way out of her mouth.
“Your next contraction starts in seven…” The sterile voice instructed. “I want you to push along with it. Push in 5, 4, 3, 2”
“Stop counting!” Carol screamed with all her lungs as her body pushed the last of her will through her pelvis. For what felt like an eternity her mind lost track of reality. Everything was pain.
Her consciousness resurfaced at the sensation of the pressure letting go. And a baby screamed somewhere in the distant.
“Congratulation!” Robotic arms lifted a tiny body up in the air. “It’s a boy.” The little boy flied through the air on two robotic arms with a blanket over the body.
A boy, she thought through the fog, I have a baby boy.
The boy landed on her chest. She looked at the tiniest face she ever seen.
He is mine, she thought.
“The birth was successful.” Sterile needles penetrated fragile skin.
No, she thought, but she was so tire even breathing was challenging.
“All levels are within limits. The child needs no further examination.”
Carol leaned back in her bed. For the first time in she didn’t know how many hours, she felt calm.
I have a baby, she thought again, he is mine.
“Feel free to rate your experience when you have rested. We want to create the best experience possible for our soon to be parents. We are SurgeRay. A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.”

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500 Words – Entry 15: Witches

Well it is time for entry 15 in my tell a story in less than 500 words challenge. Just so you know ‘state-of-the-art’ is one word at least according to Microsoft Office.

While writing this story I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling. This feels familiar. My brain hammered me with the mantra throughout the process of writing this story. But I ignored it and continued writing. It’s just a story anyway. It having some familiar elements with one of my other stories won’t be such a big thing. Or was it two stories. Or…….

Anyway. Below you can read ‘Witches’


”These are our top tier products, sir.” The well-dressed man knocks on the glass wall. “There is no better on the market, and it won’t ever be.”

Two men scanned the tank from the floor up, and then down again. The naked woman inside remained asleep.

“How do we know it’s safe.” One of them asks. He tilts his glasses as he leaned closer. His luxurious watch rattles.

“Our state-of-the-art quality control ensures no damaged goods ever leaves our production, sir.”

The man steps back seemingly satisfied with the answer. “I would like to take a look at this quality control.” He says drily.

“Off course!” The salesman smiles one of his most radiant smiles. “Right this way. As you understand our quality control needs to be of the highest possible standard, we are working with humans after all, and psychopharmaceuticals.”

“How do you select these specimens?” The second man asks. His short blond hair glimmers in the lamp light.

“We pick them with care.” The salesman pushes a series of buttons by a door. “We are in contact with a series of orphanages specialized in loyalty and extraordinary physiology.”

The door opens and the laboratory and all the hospital beds lining inside are on display for the three men.

“As you see we have competent personnel monitoring the products throughout their stay with us.” They walk past a series of screens. “We monitor biomarkers in their blood stream known to cause instability and brainwaves are scanned to catch any irregularity.”

A woman bursts out from her bed in the middle of the room. “I am gonna kill my Love!” She screams. The doctor next to her loses his throat to her hungry teeth. “The darkness is mine…” She looks around hungrily and locks on the blond man looking at her. “You are not standing in my way for a life in nightmares.” She laughs and chargs out of her bed.

“I am sorry you have to see this…” The salesman says and puts himself in between the customers and the faulty product. He picks a gun out of his coat and shots.

“You can’t escape meeee” her scream interrupts in blood as the bullet blows her head clean off.

“Soooo,” the salesman turns around with a smile. “How about we continue the tour? If you choose us to deliver your soldiers, they won’t suffer from the anomalies this one did. I can assure you that much. All abnormalities are stopped in this lab.”

The two men starred at the blood bath now being cleaned of the floor by two assistants.

“Our worst subject thus far was the one who called himself Cupid. He locked down the whole lab for a week and made a bow of our personnel. That was a bloodbath. The guards took him down after some serious casualties. Why can’t you find love, he screamed. Doesn’t that sound funny to you.”

The two men look at each other. They nod. Both smile.

“We’ll take hundred.”

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500 Words – Entry 14: A New Friend.

A new wednesday, and a new short in my 500 words story challenge. This time someone is meeting a new friend. And he is just so happy for it.


There they are again. I found you!
I am happy to see you too. Look what I found! Isn’t it wonderful? A new thing. What did you call it? A squid. I love squids. The long arms scratch so good against the itching in my mouth. Can we get another one? Oh you know what? Dad! Look what I learned? Butt in the air. And stretch. Aaand. Tada. I can touch you now!
Got your nose!
And this thing! It tastes so sweet. And it SHINES!
Just look at it!
What did you say?
A new friend? Where?
Please dad. Show him to me. Where is he?
He is just perfect. A long tail. I’m going to catch it. Wait. Okay. Butt in the air. Stretch. Butt in air. Stretch. I got you know. Wait where are you? Are you biting my toes?
Now I got you.
Wow, you jump so high. Dad. I love this friend. Can you catch him for me?
He is so soft.
What did you call him?
A kitten. How wonderful!
Can he follow me on the stroller?
Can we bring the sweet thing too? Can we make it shine again.
This is the best day ever.