500 Words: Entry 33 – Bill’s road to riches.

In all the COVID-chaos, one man rose among the others. In all the pain, he built an empire.

This is Bill!

Bill’s road to riches

Bill was a man of singular vision. He was a man of passion. He was what he called the real deal.
Back in the day, they had laughed at his ideas. Even bullied him. They thought they knew more than him. They thought they knew the way to riches. They thought they knew how to get future happiness.
Poor bastards.
Bill looked out over his stock. All neatly packaged boxes addressed to houses all over the globe. He chuckled.
He actually had been close to giving in to all the naysayers. Then it happened. COVID. Lockdown after Lockdown.
Each one made his smile a little wider. They talked about the third wave now. Maybe even a fourth. Maybe the virus could mutate. Maybe it would be seasonal thing.
All was good news in Bill’s business.
He picked up one of the boxes. Anderson.
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Bill put the box back.
Who could have known lonely couples could be so horny.
Bill had known.

Bill had always known that his sex toys would save the world!

500 Words – Entry 32: A coffee with Mr. Diamond

Hey! Let’s revisit Mr Diamond!

A coffee with Mr. Diamond

It was one of those plaves where the sun was so hot even the air seemed to sweat and Douglas Diamond hated all places without air-condition.
”I want my coffee black from the best damned bean you savages can find in this shed.” Even that was probably worse than the mass produced shit the supermarkets had at home, when he thought about it. It was probably so bad even the cup threw it up.
Douglas would drink it anyway. It was coffee after all. One of three things he actually enjoyed.
His reputation was the second.
The pressing on his suit was the third.
Both was as spoiled as the coffee now handed to him. All just because of one lousy letter. Somehow these things always end in the wrong hands. The hands that make stocks plummet and companies go from top 500 to bottom hundred in a week.
I will kill whomever wrote that bloody thing, he thought as he sipped the dark cocktail of manure this tribe called coffee.
The cup actually seemed to shake in his hands from disgust.
”Everything to your liking sir?”
”How dare you speak to me without being asked?!” Douglas spat the coffee in the man’s face. It tasted even more bitter on the way out.
As the coffee dripped down on the ground, the man’s face fell with it. He screamed.
Douglas looked at the scenery. How the hell? Then his coffee in his cup fell out through the bottom.
Douglas coughed. His hands turned red.
As he fell to the ground ha saw a smiling face among the crowd. When everyone else escaped she stood still. She laughed.
”Pigs die but witches and hunters survive!” She said.
Witches? Douglas thought. Hunters?
The girl picked a knife from her belt and walked closer. Her shoes faded away in the fog.
”I wonder what privilege tastes like?” She whispered in his ear.
Douglas never felt the stabs. He was dead before two hands broke his ribcage open.

Privilege tasted delicious. That could Douglas have told her if she had let him survive.

500 Words – Entry 31: A cockroach and Kyle

Lets add a splash of horror this time!

A cockroach and Kyle

A cockroach crawls along the wall. Where are you running my friend? The bearded man whispers. There is no where to go, so why don’t you stay here with me. The cockroach halts on its way up. It lifts itself up and stretches for the man multiple times larger. Its thin black legs catch the man’s finger and release the safety of the wall. That’s right little one. The bearded man says. I am Kyle. You are safe with me. The cockroach nods an looks up at Kyle’s large face. I agree, it is lonely nowadays. Friends are rare. That’s why we have to care for one another. That’s how it works right? The cockroach stares up at the grey hollow eyes. The antennas dances up and down, all while Kyle listens eagerly on the story of a survivor. I lost my family too, Kyle sighs. In the first wave. Before the world turned to fire. I was lucky to find this place. I am lucky to find friends like you. Recently I have found so much more than I ever thougt was possible in your kind. Kyle fell silent as he observes the antennas perform another coreographed dance. We have to fight back, yes. Everything in due time. First we have to build an army though. That is why I wanted you. Kyle opens his torn robe and exposes his chest to the unknowing insect. He wears no clothes underneath, yet his skin is invisible under the crawling mass. A spider crawls out from the beard under Kyle’s smile. A centipede moves over Kyle’s arm to the cockroach. They look at eachother. Kyle smiles a toothless grin. A wasp finds its way out. Do you wanna join our army? Do you wanna avenge the monsters hurting our home. The cockroach gives Kyle a long contemplating look. Then he nods. He joins the centipede and walks back to the hive. Great. Kyle closes his robe. He looks up at a roof of dirt and mould. I will find you, he whispers.

500 Words – Entry 30: Eternal Stan

Just enjoy this one, okay?

Eternal Stan

So here we finally are. The final confrontation. A battle for the ages .

Stan looked over his shoulder and into the black vastness. There had been trees there, and houses, and people. Then BANG. All went to shitness.
But not Stan… Somehow he was ok. He was always ok.
”I don’t know what you are talking about.” He turned back to the burning ball in front of him. It was so hot everything around it burst into flames.
But not Stan…
”To me it looks like we are pretty alone around here. And honestly, you don’t strike me as dangerous.” He picked his cigarette out of his mouth and lit it on the heat.
”Fuck. ” He said when it instantly burned up.

We are the two entities left of this collapsed universe. I, the energy refocused after the universe no longer could contains it. And you, the sad attempt of a dead world to stay relevant. Your immortality is a shame to our creation. Your death will rebirth our new world.

”That sounds great.” Stan scratched his ass. ”I only have two questions. One. Couldn’t you at least have let me keep my underwear?”

I am infinite energy. I am everything and everything is me. Except the anomaly that created you.

”How fun… and secondly. ” Stan smiled at the thought. ”How are you planning on destroying me. I am invincible. ”Stan threw his fist into the shining ball. A punch so hard it once knocked Greg out off high school. The punch went right through the ball.


A bright burst threw Stan through the emptiness. Stan farted from how hard he laughed. ”Nothing can hurt me you dumbass. Do you really think your little booms are any different? ”
In front of Stan the light gave of screech so high pitched it tore the emptiness apart.
But not Stan… He found comfort in heavy metal.

You are an abomination among all realities. You are a demon in the everlasting universal cycle. You are deeeaaad.

The light released all its energy in one burst. All turned white. Within the white light a spectrum of colors was reborn. Stan smiled as he saw his wife once again walk the green grass. Then he laughed again as he saw the flickering light fight to remain after realizing its own mistake.
“Dumbass.” He said as he swallowed it and the instability was never seen again.

And that’s the story about how Stan saved the universe.

500 Words – Entry 29: Ogres

Six months has soon passed since I starten this challenge. 29 entries and half a year. Lets wish for a other six months and at least another 29 entries during the comming 6 months.

This entry is called Ogres. I hope you enjoyed this serious yale. I did while writing it!



They were adventurers sitting in a circle with stomachs grumbling in a choir. Ogres sang of death from the darkness.
”What are our options?” Lord Sanders whispered. The ogers’ growl thundered from the darkness and he shrunk to the mouse he felt like.
”Either we face the dangers now or hunger makes us an easy prey when they come for us.” The smallest boy said from under his hood. The disgraced sorcerer of West.
Sanders nodded and snagged a crumb from their reserve. ”We lose either way.”
The adventurers looked at eachother in silence.
”There is really only one option… ” Cecilia said, The maiden destined for a safe path, a life she rejected to become a knight of the red blade, just like her father. She put a bottle down between them. No one wanted to look at the scars, yet all did. ”We let fate decide. One of us go. One to return with food or…” Her voice fell silent.
”We do not dwell on such horrors until that future turns into our present.” Steve the honorable knight of gold said with a firm voice. ”Spin the bottle. We are all equal in the face of fate.”
A laughter heavy with evil rose from the darkness.
Cecilia shivered. ”Ogres through and through. I wish you all luck.”
They starred at the spinning bottle with a knot in their stomach. All but one got to feel the knot untangle. A knight of gold froze in his armor.
I will never make it, he thought. Grunts from outside cemented his predictions. A hand grabbed his shoulder. He met Lord Sanders sad eyes.
”Please return to us.” He whispered. They hugged. When talking about the ogres they knew, chances were slim.
”I will brother. ” The knight lied. He grabbed their bowl, looked at his fellowship and swallowed his fear.
The knight snuck through the darkness. The laughter died of as their stench became so thick he could cut through it.
”What do you want?!” The largest ogre growled. Six hours ago, he, the knight and the lord had played outside. They built a snowcastle. They laughed as it crumbled under their feet.
”Could we have more popcorn.” The knight stuttered.
”more?” The ogre scanned him with blurry eyes. ”You are one spoiled brat aren’t you?”
The knight looked down at his bowl afraid of the evil behind the foggy lense. ”Yes, I am a spoiled brat.”
”Are you calling me a bad parent?” The ogre burst out of his chair and grabbed the knight by the neck. ”How dare you insulting me?”
”I am sorry” The knight stuttered. ”I didn’t mean to… ”
”Don’t lie to me!” The ogre screamed as he dragged the knight to the kitchen. ”I will not tolerate such behaviour!”
”Please…” The knight said but his pleads quickly turned to screams.
Behind a door three adventurers listened as their friend screamed for their aid. None of them dared. By the table the remaining ogres continued laughing.

500 Words – Entry 28: Christmas special

It is christmas! This is the time for happiness, family and wierd bearded men! Lets celebrate. This little story put a smile on my face. Hopefully it will bring some joy to you too.


There it is, the little elf thinks as he looks up into the sky. The sleigh glides through the air on nothing but magic and joy.

Ho ho ho, The old man laughs from above. Merry christmas!

Thousands of elves celebrate loudly. They clap their hands. They stomp their feet. They dance their bum. The little elf joins them. His sore hands hurt with each clap. His sleepy head hurts with each bouncing stomp. His dance is slow in the cold snow.

Come little one, A caring hand caresses his shoulder. It is time for your reward.

Reward? The little elf mumbles, for a moment he forgot what kept him going all those long days.

Yes, your reward, Mrs. Claus meets his tired gaze. We have a bed just for you.

They walk back to a house so big it hold a whole world behind its Doors and so warm it melted even the coldest of hearts. They enter a hall already crowded with elves finding their place in a bed so comfortable even those widely awake visits their land of dreams.

Hurry, Mrs. Claus says, Santa is at the first house.

The little elf lays himself down on the bed. He pulls the blanket up.

I am ready, whispers just as the first glimpses lit inside his dreams. He sees a tree glimmering with all that is beautiful. He sees a family sitting on a couch. A boy holds a present in his hands. The excitment burns in the boy’s chest as he opens the present.

A teddy bear, he says. It is so cute! He hugs it close to his heart.

The little elf takes in all the joy. He smiles. His heart bursts with all the happiness an elf can feel.

Can you feel it? Mrs. Claus says.

Yes, I do. The little elf sighs in joy. I feel so happy.

You deserve every ray of happiness, Mrs Claus caresses his cheek. Remember that.

Another present is opened. The elf’s heart fills with a new overwhelming burst.

The little elf giggles.

I hope you think this makes it worth all the hard work, Mrs Claus says. She looks out over the eternal hallway. For the first time in a year her smile is one of true happiness. Yes, the little elf whispers, this makes it all worth it.

500 Words – Entry 27: Inside the well

The wednesday before christmas eve (which is when we swedes celebrate christmas!). As we do every wednesday we are finna treat ourself with a short story. This week we meet a man in a well.


He looks up into the light from above. A tiny circle of fresh air seemingly more distant every day. How deep down am I? he thinks. How much deeper is it possible to go? His suit is heavy in the dark water. He can’t remember last time they were dry. I don’t want to swim anymore, he thinks. I just want to rest. Please let me rest. Just a little bit more, the water whispers back. You will get it all and more back when you are done. Everyone will be so happy you made this sacrifice so they can live happily ever after. Not everyone, he thinks and remembers the little boy now grown up. A little boy who somehow turned into a father. The water pulls at his tie, and his face drops closer to the surface. The light from above fades. Beyond it a keyboard clicks with each pressed key. The fingers hammer frantically Maybe if I hurry, a voice echoes from the fading light. Maybe, if I just put in the extra effort. Then, maybe, I will make it in before his bedtime. Yesssss, the water pulls harder at the tie, maybe you will make it. But I want to see his first bite of cake, the man mumbles and pulls himself up. My grandson wants me there. He does not know what he wants, The whisper grows loud. He does not yet value the safety you give him. When he grows older he will thank you. He won’t know who I am, his voice turns weak as the tie get tighter. It is for the better. Sooner or later you will let him down . It is what you do. Above the well a photo of a happy family is hidden in a drawer. The pull on the tie get heavier. He falls down on his knees. The faintest light fights to remain in the darkened well. Stay here, the water whispers and grabs his neck, stay where you belong. The man cries. I just want to be there on his first birthday, he sobs just as the water swallows his face.

500 Words – Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons

So we are finally here! Entry 26. My goal for this whole challenge. Well now I have the Flow going so Lets make this segment on going. Every week I will give you one short story of 500 words or less. Perfekt to read while you drink you coffee or on your commute (that is at least mostly where I write them).

But to what you came for! Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons! This is a wild ride.


Where we are? Who I am? I am George and I got the wildest story for you. Just sit down and listen. Grab a stick. Those bastard bites.

So this hell began with a small pot. I kid you not. Okay, okay it was not any pot, it was a pot shaped like a dragon. Yes, my great great aunts dragon shaped pot. A very weird lady.

Anyway… I dropped it. And like smoke came out. Like alot of smoke. And then peppers began growing. Like every where. They where pink too. It looked like a unicorn had puked all over the place.

You know what? They tasted like horse fart too. Exactly! Weird!

Alright, but after I ate a pepper the really weird happened. Yes I ate one. I like spicy food. But everything turned to ice. Except me, off course. And the pictures of my great great grandma. She began burning though. And talking some elvish shit. Yeah a photo of a burning woman talking jibberish.

Scary shit.

I ran out of there as fast I could. The next thing I knew I was flying with these lethery wings, you know. Then things get a little whozie. But I remember eating someone or alot of someones. I laid some eggs.

Finally I woke up here and everything around me was just ashes and snow. And the eggs. Well now they are tiny lizards, but  before you woke up they were eggs. Ouch what did I say about biting people Harold…

I am sorry for your arm by the way. Harold has issues. Leo got some fire stuff going on too. Well, when I think of it Melanie is bit bitey too.

Who are you by the way? Sam? Nice to meet you. You want a pink pepper? My little hatchlings like you better with some fire in you.

500 Words – Entry 25: Dinner

This is it! We have reached 25 entries in my little challenge. My goal was at least 26 entries. So one more, and then to infinity and beyond. Entry 25 is about a family dinner. Nothing weird at all.


There is a family in deepest of caves. A mother, a father, one big brother, one middle sister a little brother. They sit around a round table carved from stones of their home. Their skin is red as if the heat from below burned within them. The horns on their heads only matched by the stinger on their tail.
The father yawns from a hard day at work. The mother still has her meetings circulating inside her head. The children fight over all things children fight over.
“Raymond is taking seconds.” The middles sister teases. “He will have to do the dishes.”
“Mooooom.” The little brother whines. “Carol is mean to me.”
The mother looks at her two children with eyes red and white as the hottest fire. She smiles. “Carol be kind to your little brother. And Raymond, you know the rules.”
“The last one to take seconds gets to do the dishes.” The little brother mumbles, he looks down with regret at the plate now refilled with stew. “But I was hungry… Why am I punished?”
“You are not punished Raymond. That’s how we divide the chores in our family.” The mother patted her son between the budding horns.
“I don’t like how we divide chores.” The child mumbled with his mouth full.
The mother pretends to not hear the complaint and turns to her husband. “How was work?” She asks. I hope Helga didn’t take it wrong when I dismissed her lunch request, she thought.
“The pits where awfully crowded today.” Her husband says. “My arm will be sore for the rest of the week. But with the competition from all these cheap imps you must show the boss why they should keep you. Am I right?”
“You are probably right about that.” The mother returns to her plate. There are no problems with the imps, she thought, but you keep ignoring project Automation. You won’t have a job soon, just because you are too lazy to advance.
“How was your day?” The father asks, he reaches for the stew. Three kids observe him with suspense.
“It was okay.” The mother answers. “Some boring meetings. Otherwise nothing much.” One of the meetings just happened to be my future. Her thoughts wander as heavy folders opens themselves before her eyes. All with news her husband didn’t want to hear. “Just boring old meetings.”
“Now it’s dad’s turn to do the dishes!” The little brother screams. “Dad how could you forget?”
“Oh gosh!” The father says. “How stupid I am!” He slaps himself on the forehead between his horns, but underneath his arm a smile plays on his lips. “So stupid. How could you endure to live with someone as stupid as me?”
“I have no idea.” The mother says as she arises from the kitchen table. “No idea at all.”
The children laughed at the father who continued to slap himself on the forehead.
This is a normal day for a family in deepest of caves.

500 Words – Entry 24: – Back to the Valley

500 Words – Entry 24!
The story: Back to the Valley!


Cole never wanted to return home. Not ever. There was too much history hidden under the dirt. Too many bad memories.

But yet here we are, he thought to himself and looked out over the valley. The trees grew thick and strong for as long as he could see. Below all the leaves and branches countless cabins hid from a world moving too fast. It was a place where times never changed.

He walked slowly on stumbling feet over a seemingly endless source of roots. With each tree he passed, he felt new eyes lock on him.

So, the lost boy decides to come home, a rough voice broke through the wilderness. In an instant hundreds of faces turned visible against the green. Among them one with wrinkles carved from one storm too many.

You know why I am here father, Cole shouted into the faces.

All too well son, the wrinkled man said as he approached Cole. You are here to show your new toys, and to take what the outside does not deserve. He touched Cole’s dark suit. How can you even wear this filth Kale?

It is called a suit father, Cole corrected the expensive fabric. Everyone wears it.

His father sighed. Everyone but not elves. Your desire for the outer world always baffled me, Kale. What can they give you that we cannot?

It is Cole, father. You know that. Anger boiled inside Cole just as the last time his feet stepped on these roots. And you also know what they can give me.

Yes, you told me. Cole’s father looked back at the army in the trees. You told all of us.

Cole took a deep breath and remained still as countless eyes scanned him.

We see the fire on your chest son. Not even the thickest of human coats can hide such horrors from us. The old man caressed the hard surface on Cole’s chest. I hoped for you to come to your senses.

Cole reached into his pocket and grabbed a small remote. Just touching it gave him courage.

Cole’s father gave him sad look. You are after all my son. In these woods lives your brothers and sisters. I hoped for you to spare us.

Cole laughed. You are so pathetic father. Do you really believe I would want to spare your kind?

Our kind Kale, the old man reached for his son’s shoulder.

Cole grabbed the gentle hand. He twisted it and threw the old man to the ground. The old man screamed. In the trees the faces jumped down. They all attacked the man who once was their brother.

A disgrace is what you are, Cole whispered into his father’s ear, he turned to the army and screamed. Do you hear me? You are all a disgrace.

The army flooded his body. Some dragged the elder to safety.

Then under all the screams and all the panic there was click, and the valley turned to fire.