500 words – Entry 7: Michael Snaps

The seventh entry for my 500 words challenge: Michael Snaps. This is more back to basics in comparison to Entry 6: A cubic sunset.


Michael Snaps knows a lot. He knows all bugs known to science. He knows known animals walking our earth and known creatures inhabiting the sea. He knows every cloud structure and what they mean. He knows all the planets known to man. He knows all the stars. He knows the theories shaping space as we know it.
He updates himself daily.
Michael Snaps knows the signs of the town. He knows the addresses by heart. He knows all the cars driving through the city. He knows the owners. He knows all their jobs.
Michael Snaps knows how to tie a tie. He knows where to find a shirt in the store. He knows his size, so he never has to undress in public.
Michael Snaps knows how his bowel movements. He knows how much water to drink to avoid unnecessary pee breaks.
Michael Snaps remembers everything. He remembers the signs of a stroke. He remembered how to call an ambulance. He remembered to show the doctors in. He remembered to offer them a drink and show them the toilet.
Michael Snaps learns new things every day. He learned how to arrange a funeral. He learned about a sadness he never experienced before.
Michael snaps had to learn the heavy words.
“Bye mom.”
Michael Snaps had to learn the sad confirmation.
“I am sorry for your loss.”
There was a lot Michael Snaps never done before. He had never been alone for this long before. He had never made a meal before. He had never bought food before. He had never gone to bed without hearing her soft voice.
“Good night, Michael.”
Michael Snaps did not know how to be without her.

500 Words – Entry 6: A cubic sunset

My fifth entry in the 500 words challenge. I went for weird and crazy this time. And… yeah… it turned crazy all right. And weird. It twisted a little bit into horror too.

A warning: The theme might not be for everyone.


You know what the best sunset is? A cubic one!
My grand father used to laugh at his joke for hours .
I never understood it. I still don’t. A cubic sunset makes no sense.
A pyramidical sunset is way more beautiful. Like, just look at it.
How it rotates.
The edges.
Ah. Now we’re talking.
A pyramidical sunset, that’s something worthy of a wank.
A long wonderful, fulfilling wank.
And then you sip some wine in its shine.
Can you do that to a cubic sunset?
It’s impossible.
A cubic sunset is not even attractive.
I heard some like spherical sunsets. Have you tried to wank to a spherical sunset.
Those curves…
That shine…
Those people are psychopaths, I tell you. I hated myself so much for trying, I had to direct all the self hate somewhere.
You got that right! That’s why I did it. I wanked to a spherical sunset and in anger of my own misstep I wrecked the place. I even tried to throw something at the sunset.
A hammer, I think it was. On that, even that I gotta admit I acted irrationally. You can’t hurt a sunset. But the things we do in anger…
Yeah, it hit someone, but I can’t be blamed for people randomly staring at me.
Probably a rhombical sunset wanker, if you catch my drift.
At least he smelt like one.
He tasted like one too.
The cop tasted better. I tell you that much. That was a man of class. It was a cop who wanks to pyramidical sunsets, I tell you that. Just ask him.
Ask him, I tell you! He will confess.
Oh come on, just ask him.
Why are you leaving?
Another bunch of rhombical sunset wankers.

500 words – Entry 5: Twinkle, twinkle

The fifth entry on my 500 words challenge. This time I make my own twist on “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. It turned out sadder than I originaly wanted it to be but at the same time it became so much more beautiful than I imagined it to be.


Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I fill my heart
No matter the path you take,
in my heart you always stay
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I fill my heart

Run again my breath of life
climb the hills and play til’ dawn
Grow big, grow old, grow so strong
find your joy on the road
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your smiles I fill my heart

One more beat my little heart
Without you I’d lose it all
Fight for future, fight for life
Fight until the morning light
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your shine I fill my heart

Rest in peace my brightest spark
With your laughs I filled my heart
Whatever path your steps may take
in my heart you always stay
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
With your laughs I filled my heart

500 words-Entry 4: The curse of Sorcery

My fourth entry in the 500 words challenge. A little bit more in the fantasy spectrum this time.
As always: Feedback is welcome and enjoy the read.

”Choosing sorcery is a curse no man should endure.” The old man stares at me with eyes of the darkest coal. My bones curl themselves in their flames. “You surrender your soul. You surrender what’s dearest to your heart.”
The man turns silent to let me consider my options. The flames sound in the eternal tunnels.
“Do you accept a life in nightmares?”
Hope in me tells me to reject the offer. It begs me to chose a better life. The tortured orphan in me knows better. It saw darkness every day. There is no happiness in this world.
“I do.”
The old man smiles. “Good.”
Vines pierce my ears. My body goes stiff. My mind screams in pain, just to go silent.
“A soul would have given you so much. Love. Happiness. Everything you never knew you wanted.”
Before my eyes a smiling face flashes by. A caring touch warms my skin in a way I never known before . A laugh ignites a spark I never seen before. Our child makes me shiver from flooding joy.
“No.” I cry out in regret. “I want it. I want happiness.”
“You accepted our deal. Your fate is sealed.” He laughs. “Your soul is mine. Our darkness is yours.”
My world goes dark. Light leaves my body in screams of anguish. The next I see is the old man’s charring smile.
“Now go kill your love. Set all your possibilities of happiness on fire with your mere touch.”
“With pleasure.” I say. I smile. I laugh. In the depths of the fire my soul cries. Abandoned forever in a world doomed to grow dark.

500 words-Entry 3: What men fear

The third entry in my 500 words challenge. What men fear, Feedback is always welcome!

”Shit.” He said. A single word repeated, again and again, louder and louder.
“Stop screaming and let someone else use the bathroom! You’ve been in there for hours.”
“I’m sorry.” He supports himself against the sink. “I can’t”
He dares to face his own reflection. His lips shake in disbelief.
“Open the door or I’ll punch it in so hard we’ll find teeth in my knuckles.”
Breath, he thinks. You can do this. He hesitates by the door handle.
She rushes in, slams her ass on the toilet and releases the waterfall held back for too long.
“Oh fuck.” She sighs in relief and collapses on the seat.
“So what’s bothering you?” She asks between her strained breathes.
“Honey… I” Tears well up un his eyes. “I’m going bald.”
“Oh.” Her face goes blank. “I’m so sorry.”
He fall into her arms. He cries. He scratches his head. Tufts let go with his nails.

500 Words – Entry 2: Prisoner

It is once again time for my take on the 500 words. This week’s story is called “Prisoner”. This story is more in your face than last week’s story “A kitten and a stroller”

A door, a wall, a bucket.
A sound, a voice, a fist.
Blood drip down my lip. Metal goes down my throat.
“Please let me free.” I plead. “Please, let me go.”
They laugh. I cry. They kick. I fall.
“Drink!” They scream.
My face goes down. I scream bubbles. My face goes up.
Down I go. Bitterness fills my mouth. I swallow. A sipper goes up above me and they refill bucket. They laugh. They lift me up.
“Are you still thirsty?”
“Please.” I beg.
“Then drink!”
Down I go. They hold me down until all is gone.
“You stink.” They spit in my face and throw me on the floor.
They laugh. They leave.
I cry. I stay.
I am all alone.
Please let me free.

A Welcome and a challenge

Welcome to my blog where I collect writing focused projects and challenges.

As of today, I write novels and stories as a hobby squeezed in between work and family life. So far I’ve written three novels (2 in Swedish and one in English) none of which has been published (I keep trying though).

To begin my world in the blogosphere I decided to challenge myself (you only grow outside your comfort zone as all productivity experts say and so far, I have not found it to be false). This challenge is designed to force myself into a habit of publishing once every week and thereby also stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit.

Rules for my 500 words challenge:

  • Each entry must be less than 500 words (mostly to be make sure I write something and still have time for other projects).
  • They can be about any theme or play in any genre.
  • I must post a story every week until December 31 (to begin with, if I find the process intriguing I might continue afterwards)

For all reading, I hope you find reading this blog as interesting as I find writing it. Here is 500 words challenge entry #1.

A kitten and a stroller:

A kitten plays in a stroller. He runs from pillow to blanket. He scratches a toy.

A kitten jumps down to the floor. He claws the wheel. He bites it too.

A kitten attacks a foot. He tastes every toe. He gnaws on a heel.

A kitten jumps in the water. He splashes it around. He licks the tears of the ground.

A kitten looks at the stroller. Why is it empty? They said you’d be here by now.