Flashes of Sanity #40: A Genuine Fiend

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less. This week’s entry is A Genuine Fiend!


Where am I? Isa thought to himself, what have happened?
Isa recalled the bottle after a long day.
”You know what they say right?” A voice said in the darkness. ”In the dark, only the dead find meaning.”
”They say that?” Isa focused on the voice. Male. 40.
”No, they don’t.” The man laughed. ”Idiot. I always loved that about you.”
So I know of him, Isa quickly scanned his memory. Could he be an old case revenger? Unlikely. Was it their current case? Maybe.
”I am sorry.” Isa said. ”But I don’t seem to recall who you are.”
It was worth a shot.
”You don’t! Well, I have known you for a long time. Some would even call me your best friend.”
Now Isa laughed. ”Sorry. But the last one who called me best friend slept with my girlfriend.”
”Matt was never your friend!” The man’s voice turned harsh.
Good, Isa thought.
”Matt never wanted your best…”
”But you do? I am sorry but I have missed the point where tying me up in the dark is my best.”
”You will understand. ” The man’s steps echoed against the floor. ”We have some time to talk before you die.”
A deadline, Isa sighed, how wonderful.
”The first time I noticed you.” A lighter suddenly lit next to Isa’s face. ”Your hair caught fire.”
Isa flinched. The light went out.
”I was ten!” He said. “Have you been tracking me since I was ten.”
”I begun much earlier Isa, but that was when I found you fascinating. Already back then you showed an interest for… pain.”
Isa froze in his chair and stared into the darkness. “What do you mean?”
“Come on Isa! Don’t act around me. I genuinely want what’s best for you.“
Wait, Isa told himself, wait for the monster to give you more.
“Trying the McKalvey method?”
Isa’s heart pounded fiercely inside his chest. Off course the monster knew. It made sense.
“Yes. Not very effective it seams.” Isa said. “I lit myself on fire, was that what you wanted to hear? I liked it.”
“Now we are getting somewhere. You have enjoyed fires for a long time now.”
“I think you have gotten something wrong here.” Isa wrestled with the rope. “I only lit myself on fire one summer.”
“True.” The whole room began burning. “But you have played with fire ever since.”
Isa fell back against the cement floor and the chair broke. He was free.
“You found out you enjoyed the pain. How many times have you been to the ER now again?”
Isa listened carefully. “To be fair I never planed on going there.”
“Yes, and the next time you won’t walk out.”
Isa attacked. A bull’s eye.
“I am pretty sure you won’t walk out either.”
“I only want what is best for you.” The man wheezed.
Isa pushed harder.
“You are dying.” The man said with his last breath.
Isa’s heart stopped with his hand still wrapped around a bottle.


So it has come to this…

I am changing the name for my 500 Word flash fictions!

It occurred to me that the challenge of a story of 500 words or less every week is finished, and honestly it doesn’t pose the same challenge anymore. So I am changing the name to…



Kinda proud of that honestly.

In the same manner I will structure my blog posts under 4 banners:

Flashes of Sanity: A weekly short story of 500 words or less. These posts will keep the numbering from my previous 500 words banner.

I like shorts: A segment where I put the stories who are not part of Flashes of Sanity.

Thoughts of Insanity: Highly irregular posts where I talk about everything from what I listen to where I forget my socks and updates on my writing

Optional Opinions: I have been thinking about adding a review segment to my blog. Mostly books or comic books. This will just as Thoughts of Insanity be highly irregular.

Hopefully these changes will bring some freshness into the blog and some needed structure!

500 Words – Entry 39: Gray: A retailers dream

If you want to read this week’s story about a weird meeting at a store, don’t worry. It is still here. Just further down in this entry.I have added some blog-like personal thoughts to this and the last entry.

Personal thoughts

It feels like I am ramping up my writing! And I have alot in the pipeline both for the blog and my writing in general! This is so exciting (and a little nerve wrecking). Stay tuned!

I have discovered a couple of new podcasts that really excite me. They really have opened my eyes around the business of being an author.

1. The creative Penn podcast ( https://open.spotify.com/show/070M71FwN4u6HOivKRvqvq?si=UvmWJa_eTnmSFjWeSY1_ug&utm_source=copy-link )

2. 6 figure author podcast ( https://open.spotify.com/show/3YVuvQBs7OVWYRxm2Sqmyx?si=W8ACK2pqTJi8bYsB9hESgw&utm_source=copy-link)

Do you have any great podcasts? Send me a link!

Now to the story!

I had a blast writing this story. Gray just had som special about him. I hope you will have a laugh too.

Gray: The Retailer

”HELLO!” The voice echoed above the shelves. “Welcome to Food Palace – Where we make life easy.”
“Hush.” Matt said. “Did you hear that? Let’s be quiet, okay?”
Little Joe nodded.
“How can I help you todaaaaaaa-!” And there he was, Gary ‘Gray’. His feet lost their grip and slid on the tiles. For effect, he imitated a motorcycle.
“I see you brought Joe today.” Gray pinched the babies cheeks. “let me help you with that cart.”
Joe burst into tears.
“I think someone wants to have a loooollipop.”
Before Matt had the time to object, Joe hade a red lollipop in his mouth and a storm of new pinches hailed upon the reddening cheeks.
“So Matt, how can I help you today? “ Gray turned to Matt who saw Joe cry while turning hyperactive.
“I don’t need any help. “ Matt said. “We are just here for a quick errand.”
“Matt… no one enters food palace for a quick errand.” Gary steered them towards the vegetables.
“But we only need mi-. “
“Do you like my new shirt?“ Gray suddenly halted. “It is in fifty shades. Just like me.“ He leaned closer to Matt. “I am gonna let you in on a secret, I have learned a thing or two. And my playroom draws women like crazy.“
“Playroom?” The father said as two carrots landed in his cart. “I said… “
“Have I showed you our news?“ Gray suddenly steered deeper into the store.
“You should see the craziness we have taken in.” Gray continued . “Boats, cars… You know wwhat we sell houses. Maybe we should rename our self ‘The Palace’. “
“But I wanted milk.” Matt resisted but suddenly stopped. “Is that…”
“Yes.” Gray put his arm around Matt’s shoulders. “A full sized lego tank!”
Between them, Joe jumped up and down in sugary high.
“And you know what… “ Gray leaned closer. “It is on sale.”
“I could never…” Matt stared at the giant monstrosity . “We don’t have the money… Lisa would never…”
“Like you care what she thinks!” Gray blurted. Joe got a new lollipop and reached a terrifying hyper energized state .
“I do!” Matt looked startled at all the fifty shades of Gray.
“Sure.” Gray whistled in disbelief. “From what Lisa told me in my playroom you are kind of disappointment.”
Matt looked in confusion at the man who didn’t look to ever land anyone off the opposite sex. “Lisa has seen your playroom?”
“Many times and I gotta tell you, that tiger knows her stuff. “
“Tiger?” The craziness of it all got shady. “She hasn’t worn those in years.”
“Only for special occasions. They really shows her best sides.” Gray shaped a woman’s curves with his hands. “So what do you say? Lego tank? Or not?”
“I don’t know…” Matt said as he signed the paper and his mind thought tiger stripes and fifty shades.
“Now go and fulfill your dreams!” Gray disappeared between the shelves.
“Damn you Gray.” Matt sighed.

ToDD Ep. 3 – my writing

Welcome to ToDD (thoughts of a diabolical demon) where I talk randomness and put up update on my projects.

To begin with… Great news everyone! My story ‘A Beautiful Day on a Swing’ advanced in to round 2 of the Fictional Fisticuffs November tournament! Want to read my story and support it with a vote head on to https://purplewallstories.com/ and check it out! You can vote every day!

My other projects are slowly moving forward. I queryied my swedish novel to two publishers a month ago and has so far only gotten one rejection! My english horror/dark fantasy novel is also in the querying phase, and the silence is a constant. But I keep the sprit up! And foremost I never give up! (thereby I never lose ;))

My current writing project (code name flaring thunder) is a comic project of four issue I have been scripting for some months now. I am on rough draft for issue four and have a draft four issue one. That project is steadily moving forward.

I am thinking about what my next writing project (after I have finished flaring thunder) will be. I have had an idea for a Crime novel series for a while. Might be that I finally take on that ugly toad. Or a short story a can submit to some magazines. We will see!

I hope every one has a splendid friday! Let me know if you enjoy this style of ToDD (or if you don’t).

Thoughts of a Delusional Dude (ToDD): Ep1 – Kicks and butts

I am starting something new here on my blog. Thoughts of a delusional dude (ToDD for short, the ‘a’ is silent). It is just me writing what I think in that moment about writing, personal productivity, parenthood, and all in between. ToDD won’t follow any specific schedule some weeks it will be out some it won’t.

For me imagination has always been a part of who I am. Given time alone, I just tend to wander into my own worlds and build stories. A part of my bedtime routine growing up was to imagine a world where I was a hero (I even brought weapons/sticks to those imagined heroic adventures, without my parents knowing off course). So that being said, somewhere I always knew that part of my future would involve storytelling. My brain just seemed wired for it.

This part of myself was for the longest time suppressed due to factors I believe most of us live through while growing up. We want to fit in. We want to do what is the “right” thing to do. Etc. So I finished school and applied to university. My skills in more practical niches are lets say limited (I like cooking though. Most people tend to tell me that cooking is best served as a hobby). I finished university and got a good job. The perfect story.

The thing is… When you are one of these individuals with brain bursting ideas at any sign of boredom you have two alternatives.

  1. What I tried in the beginning of my life. Suppress all the ideas and go crazy. You will fit in perfectly in society though.
  2. Let those ideas come to life.

The kick in the butt I needed was to see someone succeed before I realized what had to be done. One day my mother called me and said;

“You know that close relative of mine, you know her right? (We now all our relatives where I come from) Apparently she writes novels, and you know what? She is getting published.”

That short phone call awoke some cogs in a dormant part of my brain and a faint thought surfaced.

If she can, then maybe I can too.

That was the starting point to my so far 5+ years of writing and I have to tell you… It feels great to get those ideas on paper. It is actually kind of addictive. And now a life without writing feels wrong (not empty. I got kids, life is never empty with kids).

What was you kick in the butt?

Until next time, be safe and keep the distance.

Your delusional dude