Flashes of Sanity #130: Doomsday Interview

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Today’s entry: Doomsday Interview


The first time was scary. The other too. Now when Bjoern actually gave it a thought, it was always scary to put yourself in the line of fire. Even though the first bullet confirmed your suspicions.
But it brought in the scoops of a lifetime. Which gave connections in governments. Just because so few wanted to risk not being a saint.
He tapped the microphone in his shirt button. The camera was the button below it.
“It is go time.”
The door complained. A fresh breeze of a city at war pushed away the stale indoor air. He kicked the corpse crawling right outside his window.
“Not today, Glenn. Today I am after the bigger fish.”
The corpse fell over and tipped over the dock and into the sea.
“You son of a” Glenn said before the water took jis last words.
The bigger fish was the mysterious Gift box. A man quickly rising in the crime world after the war began. Named after his process of picking his opponents apart and putting them in neat boxes.
Apparently, he was considered quite a nice guy in the underworld.
Shadows wandered across the horizon. Bjoern directed his camera towards them and tapped it from above.
Hope those are your ships, Mr. President, he thought.
They were supposed to meet at a supermarket a mile into the city. Sunny Mart. Or the invite had said ‘where the sun shops’. And sunny Mart was the only shop in town fitting that criterion.
“Recording, September 21. Today I will interview Gift-box. Wish me luck.” He released the microphone and whistled while he walked the road to the city.
“Hey, shit face,” a man said in the distant. “When will you interview me?”
“I already got enough of failures on my tapes, Lars.”
“Fuck you, Bjoern.”
“Is that your official statement.” Bjoern continued to whistle.
The morning sun disappeared as he walked between the buildings. The supermarket was visible now. It was as empty as it always had been.
Broken windows and broken spirits, Bjorne thought.
The sun peaked in between the buildings again. Bjoern stopped his steps.
How come Sunny Mart was in the shadows today?
He looked back at the shadow casters. His hand reached for the camera. Tap.
He tapped again. And again. As the convoy passed above him. His eyes remained wide open, his mouth too.
“What the…”
He turned his fingers around the button to zoom.
“Is that Santa?”
The man in the red cape glared down at him. The face with too many holes to be considered a face grinned. He pointed his fingers in Bjoern’s direction. Two elves peaked over the sledge. They laughed and jumped down to the street.
Bjoern’s camera caught it all. Then he ran.
He stumbled and fell down a sewer. He hit his head. And all went dark.

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Flashes of Sanity #102: A Perfect Interview

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

This week’s entry: A perfect interview


Bjoern was the asshole with the whole world. That was a good thing. Who could have known that being thought of as the one who only cared for himself and his own career would be a success?
No one.
But now Bjoern knew. And he got picked for all the heavy interviews.
“Are you ready?”
“Always ready,” Larry answered and aimed tge camera towards the podium. “Just tell me when to chase.”
“Great!” Bjoern put up three fingers towards Larry. “We are live in, three, two…” He went silent as he lowered his thumb.
“This is Bjoern Raeger speaking from the state court where, we soon will know who won the bidding war on SurgeRay.”
“But why is the acqusition of SurgeRay of such an interest to the public?” Kendra asked in his ear.
“SurgeRay is a company that has gone through a lot the latest years,” Bjoern said. “From the death of the founder Donald Diamond, and scandals during Mart Adamson’s tenure to the acqusition by Gary Oliviallo. Gary who famously stopped the alien invasion, which it is suspected that he did with SurgeRay’s own equipment.”
Bjoern took a breather, just to increase the excitement.
“But above all, SurgeRay is one of the main actors in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical device industry. The founders’ vision of pain free labor drove the company to multi billion dollar contracts, and their following successful investments made them into the most financially profitable company in the world.”
A man walked up to the podium. Bjoern quickly backed away from the camera and let Larry zoom in.
“The acquisition of SurgeRay has reached it’s conclusion.” The man said.
Bjoern scanned the podium for who could be the winner. He saw no Barney DeMarco, Susanne Queen was at the first row, though.
Intriguing, he thought, but stopped the thought when a movement caught his attention.
A man in his upper fifties entered through the door. Well dressed. A coffee cup in his hand. His skin was pale, but it was still him.
Shit, Bjoern thought and punched Larry in the side.
Bjoern pointed to the man at the door.
“We got to get closer to him.”
Larry scanned the new visitor. Then his face froze.
“You got to be kidding me!”
“Right? Camera on him at all times.”
“I object to these acquisition!” The man said as the two tackled their way forward.
The lawyer at the podium looked up from his notes. “And what makes you think you have the right to object?”
Larry sat himself on a chair to hold the camera steady. Bjoern caught his breath to prepare for what was coming.
“I never approved of selling SurgeRay.” The man said. “And as its founder, my vote in such manners is essential.”
Bjoern picked up his phone to catch Susanne Queen’s reaction.
It was priceless.
Donald Diamond straightened his suit and locked his eyes on Susanne.
“And I do not approve to anyone selling my company.”

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Copyright © David B. Johansson 2021

Flashes of Sanity #85: A cruel interview

Welcome to Flashes of Sanity! Your weekly (during July it is daily!) dose of flash fiction on 500 words or less.

Today’s entry: A cruel interview


The school clock said time for recess. For the two standing by the van, it was time to leave. Their boss had different plans though.

”Just this interview,” he had said. ”It will be the interview of a lifetime.”

Bjoern thought no interview with a child could become the interview of a lifetime, no matter the circumstances.

”There they are!” The cameraman pointed towards the front door that was thrown open from the flood of children storming through it.

”Okay,” Bjoern picked up his microphone and prepared. ”Do you have the camera ready to roll.”

”Since we got here,” the cameraman slapped his big yet portable machine.

Bjoern began walking towards the horde. No one seemed to notice him.

I am so lucky I don’t have kids, he thought as he saw the running noses.

”There he is,” Bjoern redirected his steps towards the little boy who played with his friend.

”Hi, are you Leo?”

The child looked up at him. ”Is that a camera?”

”Yes,” Bjoern said as the cameraman sat himself in position. ”Do you want to know how it works?”

”If I do?!” The child went from suspicious to exalted in a heartbeat.

Sweet innocent child, Bjoern thought.

”You see the button here?” The boy nodded eagerly. ”If you press it, the camera will start recording.”

The boys friend suddenly jumped the boy. ”Can I see too?”

”Off course you can.” Bjoern put a shoulder in the cameraman’s side. ”Flip the screen so they can ser themselves.”

”Can I press the button now?”

”Be my guest.” In his periphery Bjoern saw a teacher walk towards them. ”As long as you don’t mind me interviewing you.

”Hey, what are you doing here?”

The boy pressed the button.

”This is Bjoern Huffleson and today I am interviewing little Leo, Arthur Sooley’s son.” Bjoern looked at the boy. ”How does it feel to know that you are safe from your father now that he is dead?”

The child looked confused at Bjoern. ”Dead? No he is in prison.”

”I am sorry to be the one telling you this,” Bjoern hurried the words as the teacher got closer.


”But your father was found dead this morning.”

The child’s eyes went blank. ”Dead?”


Two hands grabbed Bjoern’s shoulders.

”You are not supposed to be here.”

”Dead?” The little boy said again his eyes watered. The camera caught it all.

Maybe I was wrong, Bjoern thought as the teacher threw him out. This might be the interview of a lifetime after all.

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